June 15, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: HATEBREED – “The Concrete Confessional” (CD)


American metallic hardcore band HATEBREED have truly outdone themselves with their new studio album entitled The Concrete Confessional. In my opinion, this is without a doubt the heaviest record they have ever made. Vocalist Jamey Jasta sounds absolutely sickening. Produced by Chris “Zeuss” Harris, the listener is treated to thirteen totally slam your head against the wall great tunes. The mayhem erupts with tracks “A.D.” and “Looking Down the Barrel of Today” – both employing some of the most face crushing riffs you will ever hear while alive on this troubled planet. And the ‘pure rage’ on every single cut is totally off the charts insane. This is one of the rare albums for me in recent years that is locked in absolute Beast Mode from start to finish.

Up next, your cranium will be shattered by the explosive “Seven Enemies”, with its powerful lyrics: “Today I wish some motherfucker would try and think of someone else one time… and see this fucked up world through my eyes,” sings Jasta. followed by the jamming “In the Walls” and “From Grace We’ve Fallen”. The guitar team of Wayne Lozinak and Frank Novinec is straight up filthy. My personal favorite “Us Against Us” keeps the momentum going forward. You don’t get any ballads or happy songs, just so you understand what we’re dealing with here. Like a bull in a china shop, Jasta and company destroy anything in their path as they deliver their most furious musical message to date. Matt Byrne’s drumming is top notch and bassist Chris Beattie holds down the killer low end with some solid chops.

Although let me be clear, you’re not going to hear any extended guitar solos or super technical playing at all. Nope. This record is all about the crushing groove. The next ass kickers are “Something’s Off”, “Remember When” and “Slaughtered in Their Dreams”. Your neck should undoubtedly be sore as hell after you get to this point of the record due to all the head banging it will make you do. “The Apex Within” and “Walking the Knife” hit you in the chest next, followed by the rampaging “Dissonance”. The album concludes with brutal “Serve Your Masters”, bringing this masterpiece to an end with an exclamation point. Overall the production is as good as it gets, there’s no fat whatsoever and I feel The Concrete Confessional is a definite contender for best Heavy Metal album of 2016.


5 stars!!!
HATEBREED – “The Concrete Confessional” (CD)

(Nuclear Blast Records/2016)

1. A.D.
2. Looking Down the Barrel of Today
3. Seven Enemies
4. In the Walls
5. From Grace We’ve Fallen
6. Us Against Us
7. Something’s Off
8. Remember When
9. Slaughtered in Their Dreams
10. The Apex Within
11. Walking the Knife
12. Dissonance
13. Serve Your Masters