July 18, 2024

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Visit the late Dave McGowan’s informative site about MK Ultra in Rock:

Fans all around the earth have been witnessing the continuous strange deaths of our favorite rock stars, and now are asking questions about the cover ups perpetuated by the mainstream media, the police and the New World Order, headed by the United States of America government. It is my belief that a CIA driven psychological warfare campaign has been waged covertly against the US people since the forties, ramping up big time during the peace and love movement of the nineteen sixties.

MK Ultra program as it is known is the basis behind the international child trafficking epidemic called PEDOGATE, most recently referred to in the media as #Pizzagate. While a ton of disinformation and outright lies have been pushed as the main narrative to the masses there is a lot of sad truth to the disturbing revelations.

Each year in the USA alone, over 1 million kids go missing. The estimate of deaths due to global trafficking totals around 8 million every year. In the past decade, America’s youth have been stolen from their homes by CPS (CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES) with the help of the CIA and FBI, who both are connected to the infamous eighties group called “The Finders” as was related to a court room by SRA survivor Paul Bonacci.

Currently, blonde haired and blue eyed boys or girls fetch around $50,000. They will be stolen from school playgrounds (after school and during) or while attending “Pizza parties” at Comet Ping Pong or going for a hike with family in the woods or while out camping. My research shows that even your local grocery store is potentially involved in the body snatching for profit racket. Don’t believe me?

Paul Bonacci said he was placed under MK Ultra programming by Michael Aquino and forced to take part in sadistic snuff films where little boys were murdered after being raped as part of the movie. Unlike the movies that Americans shell out BILLIONS each year to watch totally FICTIONAL stories… the grim reality is that Uncle Sam, along with the help of the bogus mainstream news (CNN, Reuters, Drudge, Hannity, Infowars, BBC, etc..) are all involved in the most massive news cover up in world history.

Mr. Bonacci went on the record to state that he was used to lure kids into the “Finders” van, and was witness to many abductions and murders of kids. They frequented grocery store parking lots and large parks. He also said he was at one time programmed with over 150 different personality alters via MK Ultra at the hands of Michael Aquino.

Typically, once the child is killed they are parted out to “body factories” or are fed to pigs so that all the evidence can never be traced back to the pedophile psychos. This is after a powerful drug called “adrenochrome” is harvested from the little person’s neck… moments before they are executed.

Adrenochrome gets top dollar on the dark web.

Once you begin to see the bigger picture of organized crime and systematic culture of lies and deception by the people who are paid to protect us such as cops and lawmakers, and how big the profits are for this kind of criminal enterprise, you will snap awake finally. Until then, for most people, honestly, all of this only seems like a really bad joke.

In the seventies, ex-military legend, Michael Aquino and the Church of Set, once he separated from Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, masterminded the implementation of “False Flag” operations that were done to fool the masses so they could hide the true agenda of the evil NWO. To truly understand MK Ultra mind control and how it works, you need to spend some time researching or most of my reports will be too out of this world to believe. This resource page is that perfect spot for you to get started.

I wish you a rocking journey on your way to self enlightenment! Like the victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse who are forced under MK Ultra against their own will to be used for sinister purposes and to be exploited by Uncle Sam, you will find that many citizens around you (teachers, cops, celebs, politicians, pastors) wear different masks in life.

– Randy “Rocket” Cody, TheMetalDen.com

“The official version of the MKULTRA story and psychedelic revolution is just another cover-up, and one that the CIA and intelligence community managed to get away with long after the MKULTRA program was first “exposed” in the 1970s… exposing how this deception works and is perpetuated throughout the intelligence community, and onto, or against, the “public” at large.” (Source: LogosMedia)

List of the best MK Ultra links:


Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents:

The Shock Doctrine – by Naomi Klein – Chapter 1 – The Torture Lab – Ewen Cameron,
the CIA and the maniacal quest to erase and remake the human mind.

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate
The CIA and Mind Control – John Marks


As Howard Zinn wrote in The Peoples’ History of the United States:

The Church Committee uncovered CIA operations to secretly influence the minds of Americans

“The CIA is now using several hundred American academics (administrators, faculty members, graduate students engaged in teaching) who, in addition to providing leads and, on occasion, making introductions for intelligence purposes, write books and other material to be used for propaganda purposes abroad. . . These academics are located in over 100 American colleges, universities and related institutions. At the majority of institutions, no one other than the individual concerned is aware of the CIA link. At the others, at least one university official is aware of the operational use of academics on his campus… The CIA considers these operational relationships within the U.S. academic community as perhaps its most sensitive domestic area and has strict controls governing these operations. In 1961 the chief of the CIA’s Covert Action Staff wrote that books were “the most important weapon of strategic propaganda.” The Church Committee found that more than a thousand books were produced, subsidized, or sponsored by the CIA before the end of 1967.”
– Howard Zinn

A man named Dr. Ewen Cameron was bankrolled by the CIA to take MK Ultra to the next level. Now it was time to turn rock stars and our favorite movie stars into ‘robot assassins and sex slaves’.

It is my determination that Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell were both victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse for most of their lives. While they tirelessly advocated for the little ones who are victimized daily, they themselves became the target of the evil elite at the end. It’s well known that both were working hard together to try and get the word out before they were both found suspiciously hung in 2017.