July 18, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: Ninémi​A – “Weapons Of Math Destruction” (CD)

Ninémi​A‘s debut album is titled “Weapons Of Math Destruction” and is slated to see an official release at the end of 2023. It is one of the more highly anticipated studio records because it features the current drummer of MEGADETH Dirk Verbeuren. Bassist Christos Agathocleous delivers a blistering, highly technical low-end attack on the bass that combined with Verbeuren’s skillful drumming makes every track in this collection sound totally slamming. Fans of not only thrash metal – but pretty much anyone into rock music will want to check out this release, because I feel a lot of music lovers who are into other genres of hard rock/heavy metal music would really enjoy this album. Kicking off with “Psychotropic Plague”, the listener is immediately grabbed by the throat and dropped headfirst into the pit below that awaits, because this song represents the start of a very dark and haunting sonic assault. It is brilliant, the way the bass line for this song is written I think is pretty radical. Up next is “The Acquired Savant (feat. Derek Sherinian)”, which has a really cool groove metal vibe like AVATAR, similar to molten metal poured onto your flesh, it melts your face off, with jamming solos and just a killer vibe. This stellar rocker is followed by “Same Old Story (S.O.S)”, and this gem sounds the most old school thrash.

Track four is titled “Dust To Stars” and begins with a bass-driven opener that quickly changes into a heavy guitar riff and is matched with powerful lead vocals. The next slamming song is titled “The Grand Grimoire”, it is undoubtedly the heaviest song on the album, and the title track follows with its own firepower, the epic instrumental “Weapons of Math Destruction”.

“Weapons of Math Destruction” is over eleven minutes long and while some would think that is over the top, this song is a really clever, ass-kicker and must be heard to be believed.

Next up is “Oppenheimer”, the name itself is more relevant now that a successful Hollywood film about the famed theoretical physicist and father of the atomic bomb is playing in cinemas around the world – so this track is really a home run, in my opinion. The song has a really cool bass line played by Agathocleous, which is critical to next level songwriting, something I find that so many bands forget when putting together a studio production is they don’t allow the bass to have a spotlight in the mix. Black Sabbath was always great about letting Geezer’s bass get attention. The album concludes with the crushing “Selma”, the absolutely stunning “Astrofield” and beyond pummeling “Fool”.



“Weapons Of Math Destruction” (CD)

(Release Date: The End Of 2023)

1. Psychotropic Plague

2. The Acquired Savant (feat. Derek Sherinian)

3. Same Old Story (S.O.S)

4. Dust to Stars

5. The Grand Grimoire

6. Weapons of Math Destruction (instrumental)

7. Oppenheimer

8. Selma

9. Astrofield

10. Fool