American death metal veterans, JUNGLE ROT, are back in 2018 with their self titled studio effort, and I will be the first to salute this band for cutting what I feel is their heaviest album ever. I have always dug the immensely psychotic sound of this band, because not many in the metal scene can create such an evil landscape with their music. I’m talking this is the kind of shit that serial killers listen to when they go to bed at night. Lead vocalist/guitarist, Dave Matrise, sounds like the devil has launched himself deep inside his throat. He is absolutely putrid on the microphone… and I mean that in a good way.

Launching into the belly of the beast right out the gate with one helluva A-game opener, “Send Forth Oblivion”, the listener gets their face ripped off and fed to them...

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Industrial metal icon, Trent Reznor, returns with NINE INCH NAILS in 2018. The new album is titled “Bad Witch…,” and after one listen of the record in its entirety I feel this is definitely the most blatantly disturbing work ever released by the Satanist noise maker. You don’t really get much in the form of a traditional rock song, or anything cohesive for that matter. The genius in what Reznor has achieved here is layered synth sounds that carries you off into his version of Hell, and with its moody textures tied to one grotesque vision, Bad Witch is a breakthrough in modern music. Certainly the David Bowie influence Reznor has relied upon over the years is more evident than ever, although the mastermind takes the earlier NIN sound and expands upon it...

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Former THE SCREAM/MOTLEY CRUE vocalist, John Corabi, is like a good old pair of boots. You always know you can count on them, and they keep doing the job after most have broken down. John’s current band THE DEAD DAISIES formed in 2013, and he set out to make the biggest impression on his fans yet. With three jamming studio albums cut previously by the group, including: “The Dead Daisies” (2013), “Revolución” (2015), and “Make Some Noise” (2016), there is no doubt that 2018’s “Burn It Down” is the defining moment of this rock veteran’s career. Lead guitarist Doug Aldrich (WHITESNAKE) simply rips up the six strings with authority on every crushing track...

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Late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott was truly one of a kind and this ass kicking collection of five tunes from the ‘pink beard in the sky’ will light you up like a black tooth from Hell no doubt.

The guitar playing on this album is far beyond goddamn electric and as good as it gets. Brother Dime, doing the vocals as well, takes us on an out of this world rocking trip jamming his crazy style of Southern metal with an extra heavy dose of blues playing being thrown into the mix. Starting off the party, Dime breaks out “Twisted”, and then rolls y’all up next with “Ain’t No Struggle”, which is my favorite song out of the handful. It sounds like something from Rebel Meets Rebel album with David Allan Coe.

On the track “True”, jokingly produced with one of those cheap Ca...

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Legendary New Wave of British heavy metal band, JUDAS PRIEST, is back to dominate the rock music scene with an absolutely unrelenting assault of head banging greatness, unleashing their new studio effort in 2018 entitled “Firepower” and it is without a doubt one of the best records of their entire career. Lead vocalist Rob Halford is like fine wine, with each year his voice only seems to get more powerful and frightening sounding. Somehow this guy’s range has still not dropped off. How is that even possible? This man has been singing his balls off for over the past four decades.

As the story goes, for the production of this album Priest went back to the ‘organic way’ of recording where the entire band plays together in a room. It paid off big time...

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REVIEW: ANSELMO & The Illegals – “Choosing Mental Illness”

This is the worst album of Phil Anselmo’s career. Former PANTERA vocalist, Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals, not to be confused with legal citizens, unleash the super stink fest entitled “Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue”. Where do I even begin to start telling you why I think this album sucks worse than anything “The Kid” has ever attached his legendary name to?

How about first off pointing out that nobody chooses mental illness. It chooses them.

I should know a bit about the subject. I recently lost my beloved niece to suicide at age 25.

The US government has admittedly mind hijacked its own citizens with its evil pharmaceutical drugs and MK Ultra program to force a false “schizophrenia” label onto an unwitting person, understand?

The album cover itself depicts mind control luna...

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The bearded Viking from Hell returns with his super biceps of doom, killing it with a slamming display of sonic carnage, befitting somebody like Thor and his mighty hammer. Zakk Wylde’s BLACK LABEL SOCIETY wildly throws down 2018’s “Grimmest Hits” for your entertainment… as if their own damn lives depended on it. “Trampled Down Below” is the gasoline you need to get it all started, for nobody rips up the six strings like the baddest of bad, longtime Ozzy lead guitar player, Zakk goddamn Wylde, dig it?When you put in as much time knocking back booze, slaying sold out arena crowds around the world, there is a point in time when you could literally just phone one in and still get a pass. Zakk is that good...

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ROCKET REVIEW: C.O.C – “No Cross No Crown” (CD)

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY aren’t righteous men… but they do jam with the same conviction as a hundred holy. In 2018, the legendary Southern metal band blows the damn door of its hinges with the long anticipated return of the one and only, the master of disaster, El Diablo of Rock, the minister of death: guitarist/vocalist Pepper Keenan. This epic fifteen track slammer will have you running with the devil in no time, it’s that unbelievably good. I really found myself digging the crazy ‘acid rock’ vibe, and the fact that the songwriting ventures right back to my favorite C.O.C album ever “In The Arms Of God”, released in 2005...

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TMD Rocks!

Former MEGADETH lead guitarist, Marty Friedman, is one of the top five electric guitar shredders performing today, and every time this dude puts out an album he seems to even go bigger somehow. Friedman is back in 2017 with a wrecking ball of a mostly instrumental album entitled “Wall Of Sound”. The listener is treated to eleven fireballs (one track includes vocals) shot through your head at high velocity. There truly aren’t many rock albums without vocals that I will listen to, but when it comes right down to it Marty’s shredding is too good each time I check him out that for someone to sing over what he is doing at this point would screw it all up...

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ROCKET REVIEW: LYNCH MOB – “The Brotherhood” (CD)

TMD Rocks!

American metal band LYNCH MOB has remained one of my favorites over the years. I can recall rolling in my friend’s van to Kern river in California in the early nineties cranking their ass kicking debut album. Those were the good days for sure. In 2017, legendary shredder George Lynch returns with original vocalist Oni Logan to deliver another gem The Brotherhood, and without a doubt this is one of their best releases ever. The listener is treated to twelve smoking hot tunes. Kicking off with the rocking “Main Offender”, next up is the brilliant “Mr. Jekyll And Hyde”, followed by the catchy “I’ll Take Miami” and grooving “Last Call Lady”. However, it is the out of this world good solos by the master Lynch on “Where We Started” that will definitely catch your attention...

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