June 22, 2024

TheMetalDen.com: Over 100 Million Organic Impressions On Facebook In 2023!


THE METAL DEN was created by legendary Heavy Metal journalist Randy “Rocket” Cody on Myspace in 2005 and he launched the official dot com for TMD in 2006. Rocket also appeared as a staff writer for metalunderground.com in 2006.

Randy “Rocket” Cody is a journalist, screenwriter and editor who mainly focuses on conspiracy theories and paranormal phenomena. He is best known for his work on The Metal Den, a website that explores the darker side of the music industry and examines alleged ties between music and the occult. Randy has been a controversial figure in the music industry due to his sensationalist coverage of certain events and his unorthodox reporting methods. Regardless of any controversy, he has gained a dedicated following of readers interested in his unique take on the world of heavy metal music.

Rocket is the great great great grandson of Ethel Annenberg, whose brother was Tobias Annenberg, the father of newspaper legend Moe Annenberg (1st cousin). Moe’s son, Walter Annenberg (second cousin), created America’s most famous magazine TV Guide in 1953, and later served under 37th US President Richard Nixon. Triangle was formed by Walter Annenberg in 1947 from the assets and properties of the Cecelia Corporation, a company founded by his father, Moses Annenberg, and named for his mother, Sarah “Sadie” Cecelia Annenberg.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch purchased Triangle Publications Inc., publisher of TV Guide, Daily Racing Form and Seventeen magazine, for $3 billion in 1988.

The Annenberg Foundation has given out 5,600 grants to non-profit organizations since 1989, totaling $4.5 billion.

Wallis Annenberg (3rd cousin) recently presented a lifetime achievement Win (Women’s Image Network) award to legendary performer Ann-Margret, who at the age of 81 last year released a new rock album titled Born To Be Wild, featuring guest appearances by Joe Perry (Aerosmith) and Pete Townshend (The Who).

Since its debut nearly two decades ago, The Metal Den has rocked the foundation of the heavy metal music scene, establishing itself as the most widely viewed heavy metal news webzine in the world. Rocket’s acclaimed reporting has been published at all of the leading mainstream news sites (Yahoo, The Detroit News, The Romania Journal) and interviewed over 100 times via FM radio and more, racking up over one billion impressions on Twitter and Facebook combined since 2017.

To date, Rocket has cranked out 20,000+ posts at TMD site.

TheMetalDen.com is not only the most widely published heavy metal webzine in the entire world, TMD is also the most featured metal news site on FM Rock Radio across America via iHeart radio stations and WQEE 99.1 FM Rock Radio “The Key” reaching listeners in Atlanta, Georgia, plus Birmingham, Alabama, Canada, the Navajo Nation, and all over the world. Currently, TMD’s Facebook alone, has racked up 40 million impressions total during the months of August, September, October and November in 2023 organic. No paid advertising.

Whether it be hard hitting investigative dissertations or in-depth interviews and reviews, Rocket’s fearless writing stands alone today, having earned the tag:

“The World’s Most Dangerous Journalist”

Rocket pulls no punches telling people how he sees things and his passion for the occult has mystified readers, digging deeper into the world of Satanic Ritual Abuse than any other journalist before him.

TheMetalDen.com is a website dedicated to heavy metal music. It features news, interviews, reviews, and other content related to the heavy metal genre, including investigative reporting on the occult in rock music. The website also offers a platform for independent artists to showcase their music and connect with fans. Additionally, The Metal Den organizes concerts and festivals, and features a store where fans can purchase merchandise and music.

Rocket also rocks the world with his slamming remixes and mash ups that blow away the other sites!

When he is not busy slaying the world with his #TRUTH reporting or self-produced music, the Dark Knight also has fun tricking other sites into posting his sensational hoax articles!!!

Websites duped by Metallica Lady Gaga gag | Louder (loudersound.com)


“Pantera’s “3 Vulgar Videos from Hell” is a must-have for any hardcore Pantera fan. One walks away from the viewing experience holding onto letting tears flow being that Dimebag Darrell is no longer with us after having been shot to death on the stage back in December of 2004. The sheer Vulgar Display Of Power going on here from the set’s first disc to the second collection of video and live performances makes it real hard to deny this legendary rockin’ Texas band the undisputed title of the greatest heavy metal band ever.”

– Randy “Rocket” Cody via metalunderground

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