July 21, 2024

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TMD Rocks!

Seattle’s MOTHER CRONE has self-released a debut full length studio effort in 2015 entitled Awakening and this is definitely one of the more impressive stoner metal albums I have heard this year. Formed in 2012, the trio is fronted by vocalist/guitarist Joseph Frothingham, and they waste no time launching into some ass kicking grooves that will make you want to pop open a beer, kick up your feet, and just enjoy the jams. The first couple of full-throttled cuts, “Silt Laden Black” and “Black Sea”, will have no problem making even the most jaded hard rock expert an immediate fan. The album was recorded by Adam Pike and mixed by Matt Bayles. It is not available in physical format, only “Downloadable Album Tees” and full digital distribution via iTunes, Amazon, and all the other online music retailers.

Jeremy Schulz on drums and Joshua Hashman on bass hold down a tight rhythm section all throughout the collection of head banging tunes, delivering the same kind of intense, raging energy you get from the likes of COC, THE SWORD and HIGH ON FIRE. In terms of songwriting ability and musicianship, MOTHER CRONE is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. There is never a dull moment at any point. Not once did I find myself wanting to skip a song because I was bored. Up next, comes the hard charging “Descending the North”, followed by “The Dream” and my personal favorite the four minute long instrumental “Halocline”. The album concludes with the potent cuts, “Revelation”, “Turning Tides”, and the raging “Apollyon”. The best guitar solo is unleashed during the latter tune. The final song is the self titled track, “Awakening”, and it’s probably the best one overall. I still can’t shake the chorus from my head it’s that good. Any fan of sludge, groove or old school rock will want to add this album to their collection.


MOTHER CRONE – “Awakening” (CD)

(Self Released/2015)

1. Silt Laden Black
2. Black Sea
3. Descending the North
4. The Dream
5. Halocline
6. Revelation
7. Turning Tides
8. Apollyon
9. Awakening


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