June 22, 2024

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A New Beginning is the smashing debut from American melodic metal super group CREATION’S END. The band led by vocalist Mike DiMeo (ex-RIOT, ex-MASTERPLAN), also features guitarists Rudy Albert (ZANDELLE) and Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie), drummer Dario Rodriguez, and bassist Joey Bones (Chris Caffery). A New Beginning kicks off with the scorching rocker “Of Shadow And Flame” that clocks in at almost nine minutes, which harkens back to early SCORPION greatness with a fiery twin guitar attack. It just chugs away and draws you in with one incredibly complex guitar solo after the next. This is heavy metal as it should be in 2010 and offers another hard hitter with track two’s “World Holocaust”, as DiMeo sings: “We’re blinded by the mission, our virtue, it is lost”, and the guitar solo at the halfway mark is simply brilliant. Like HELLOWEEN and SYMPHONY X, CREATION’S END is one talented bunch of musicians that incorporate a bass line that is more audible with a distinct rhythm guitar attack and ass-kicking double bass drumming by Rodriguez. The title track is saved for last and it totally blew me away. All I can say about DiMeo’s vocals on this song is “HOLY S#@!”. I can’t wait to hear more from CREATION’S END, and I hope they continue to be a part of the great melodic metal movement for many years to come and – if given the chance- this reviewer feels will provide even the most jaded music fan “A New Beginning”.



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CREATION’S END – “A New Beginning”

(Sensory Records/2010)

1. ‘Of Shadow And Flame’
2. ‘World Holocaust’
3. ‘Hollow’
4. ‘Dissociate’
5. ‘Still Life’
6. ‘Forsaken’
7. ‘Relic’
8. ‘Creation’s End’