June 22, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: UNSUN – “Clinic for Dolls” (CD)


Polish Gothic metal band UNSUN – formed by ex-guitarist Maurycy “Mauser” Stefanowicz of death metal masters VADER – unleash Clinic for Dolls, eleven emotionally powerful and stirring tracks. If you are a fan of music that is more ‘symphonic’, then you the listener will be very satisfied. This album is loaded with something great at every turn, including a vocal performance to remember by Aya, who has a very fascinating quality to her voice and I can’t think of many other female singers that quite sound like her. On the opening track “Lost Way”, the band demonstrates they have chart-worthy material. The second track is “Clinic for Dolls” and its even better than the first. The guitar sound is heavy and the solid rhythm beat certainly gets your heart going faster, thanks to an excellent drumming performance turned in by Vaaver. Aya sings: “Glass eyes, dead smile, in the evil carnival”, and hits notes that just soar all throughout this rocker that features a perfectly placed guitar solo by Mauser at the half-way point. Mixed and mastered by Wojtek Wieslawsey, the epic levels of musicianship continue to be evident on track three’s, “Mockers”, which has a heavier Disturbed-type radio metal sound and fascinatingly enough, Aya’s pop vocal sensibilities work here more than ever, yielding incredible results. “The Last Tear” is definitely the ballad that would be perfect for a romantic movie soundtrack but track seven’s “Home” turns it up several notches again, allowing Aya’s vocals to get back out over the ripping guitar and double-bass drumming. All in all, Unsun delivers one of the more compelling and original metal performances of 2010 with Clinic for Dolls .

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UNSUN – “Clinic for Dolls” (CD)

(Armoury Records/2010)

1. The Lost Way
2. Clinic for Dolls
3. Time
4. Mockers
5. Not Enough
6. The Last Tear
7. Home
8. I Ceased
9. A Single Touch
10. Why
11. Whispers (DARK REMIX)