April 18, 2024

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The Truth About Pizzagate… Can You Handle It?




The Truth About Pizzagate… Can You Handle It?

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(part 2 of a 3 part report)

This report originally posted on March 29, 2018

My ongoing independent death investigations for late rockers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington have taken my readers down some extremely dark paths for sure, but now I am afraid what I am going to report next is going to frighten you worse than ever.

PEDOGATE as it relates to the modern elite child killing ring today known as #Pizzagate, is no doubt the origin of the problem and many of the same key figures involved back when it started out in the eighties with the Franklin Cover Up and Presidio scandals, including the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Michael Aquino and legendary Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, who I fully believe are still involved in systematic child abuse today.

But first let me back up, there is a lot of background to this drama.

John Podesta, the right hand man to the Clinton’s and Obama, got pulled into the controversy to start it all off a couple years ago when Seth Rich divulged Podesta’s private emails to WikiLeaks.

Mr. Rich was found shot dead in the street not long after. It is important to note that he was an employee of the Democratic National Convention, responsible for managing the DNC’s computer network.

Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were found dead in the same identical manner: hanging.

A hoax article was posted by a disinformation site that I believe is backed by the CIA called YourNewsWire, which attempted to paint my investigative work as a ‘joke’.

That back fired because it became a viral news sensation.

My groundbreaking journalism ended up exposing a lot of people to the truth I was uncovering in the obvious double rock star murder cover up.

The alternative news media, including myself, believe Mr. Alefantis belongs to the covert child snatching cult operated by the CIA and is at the center of PEDOGATE.

In those infamous Podesta emails, some truly disturbing information came out, in code words nonetheless, that apparently represent pedophile activity among the elite.

The nightmare goes back over thirty years, however. Child trafficking and ritual sacrifice was among the complaints hurled at a disgraced Army Lt. Col named Michael Aquino in the eighties while childcare programs were held at the Presidio base. 10 kids went on record that they were raped by “Mikey” and made to watch children get murdered. Nothing was done.

Aquino has now become a bit of a celebrity today, believe it or not, making the rounds on YouTube for interviews, just like Podesta, who has charmed the hell out of his demonic peers. Gag me with a spoon.

Comet Ping Pong’s James Alefantis and John Podesta are close friends. Keep in mind, both Obama and Hillary have attended strange “pizza parties” held at Comet Ping Pong in the past.

A staged ‘false flag’ event was carried out by yet another crisis actor pretending to be a crazy lone gunman, who just so happened to be a white guy, inside Comet Ping Pong (firing off his gun inside and making threats) due to the so called ‘nutty’ conspiracy theory emerging online.

The mainstream media ran with the cover up and never bothered to do any real investigating.

They left that for me and others to handle it seems.

DC Police did nothing when they were informed Mr. Alefantis was allegedly in possession of child porn.

Mr. Alefantis himself appears untouchable. Despite the controversy, he is still compelled to tell everyone how he feels. Who really cares, right? Well, last year this creep defended a Satanic ‘art’ film that depicted Jesus Christ on the cross being eaten by ants.

The mockery of Christians is at an all time high, yet he doesn’t think it should stop.

Mr. Alefantis is proudly and defiantly standing against all that is good in God to peddle this garbage he believes to whoever will consume his BS… just like his mediocre pizza.

“I personally don’t like people telling me what to do.”

The pedophile rock band called HEAVY BREATHING that haunts the stage at this man’s establishment Comet Ping Pong is beyond perverse and should be a definite cause for concern, in my opinion.

One online researcher shared this post on reddit:

“I have noticed while looking into the Jimmy Comet/Pizzagate issue that many have linked the Antinous avatar used by Alefantis with pederasty and paedophilia. All well and good… but in my view this overlooks something far more relevant and frightening. After careful consideration, and after examining many images and comments used by Alefantis and others on instagram and other sites, I believe the obsession with Greco-Roman myth and history has far more to do with the pagan ritual of ‘Lupercalia’. The Lupercalia was an ancient Greco-Roman ritual/festival centred around the practice of sexual excess, gay love and cannibalism which culminated in the notion of turning participants into ‘wolves’. The ancient rituals associated with unleashing an ‘alternative persona’ and ‘an inner beast’ are, in my view, what these icons represent.”

After careful research and investigation I have determined that all signs point to Mr. Alefantis, John Podesta, the Clinton’s, NSA, CIA, FBI, CPS, along with many important politicians, church leaders, police, military and mainstream news media are involved in the cover up of what I believe is the greatest human atrocity of all time.

Human trafficking is the main reason I feel two icons of rock music lost their lives last year.

During his last year alive, Mr. Cornell donated much of his time and resources to helping abused kids through his foundation. Along the way, he is said to have stumbled upon a black book that belonged to convicted billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, and names inside included Donald Trump and Courtney Love.

Chris’ wife is close friends with Courtney Love.

The word is an apparent fight broke out between Chris and his wife over the potential cover up of an elite child trafficking ring.

One year before his tragic death, the late SOUNDGARDEN frontman ranted from the stage after a performance, about his serious concerns with the epidemic of “human trafficking” in America.

“Human trafficking still exists… slavery exists in many different forms and it’s in every big city.”
– Chris Cornell

Two months after his death, on his birthday, Chris’ good friend Chester was found hanging from a door,
just like Chris.

Going deeper down the rabbit hole, there is a recurring theme of “Pan”:

“Pan was a god in Greek mythology and paganism known as the wild, hunting companion of the nymphs.”

“He was depicted as being half human, while having the legs and horns of a goat. Interesting that they are camping in the woods with Illuminati symbolism and Paganistic like chanting and circling.

Another #truther via Reddit points out a very creepy detail:

“I noticed the photo of alefantis next to pan. Did you know there are sightings of satyr on native American reservations and also in certain other places (can’t remember the states, mostly the north eastern states like kentucky). They call him the goat man on my reservation. The Greek God pan was known to torment and purposely terrify people traveling along or especially in fields. That’s where we get the Greek word for panic, ‘Pan’. On my reservation and from stories, he does just that. Terrifies people and chases them. He is even seen in fields. I talked to a guy who said his brother saw the goat man/Satyr laying in a field. He was sighted by others in that field which is also right outside of my town and is more like a coulee with nearby field and rolling terrain hills. Do you know what the Greek demigod pan is also known for? Terrifying and frightening away anyone who awakes him from sleeping in the fields.”

As the story goes, Mr. ET himself, Steven Spielberg is close friends with Bill “Lolita Express” Clinton.

What is the old saying? IT TAKES A MONSTER TO KNOW ONE, right?

A couple recent reports emerged that have pointed out Mr. Spielberg’s connection to some very lurid cases
of alleged child abuse while he was directing his biggest Hollywood blockbusters and becoming a household name.

The first, I reported on the late child actress Heather O’Rourke’s mysterious death back in the eighties. If you recall she was the young blonde girl who starred in the paranormal flick produced by Spielberg called Poltergeist.

In that article, I also covered the sad story of late child actress, Judith Barsi, who voiced one of the characters for the Spielberg produced animated classic The Land Before Time.

Young Judith, 10, who was the starring voice in the Spielberg film was found dead in 1988 with her parents. They had all been shot and set on fire.

Another report has since emerged concerning Mr. Spielberg’s connection to a young boy who was said to have been abused by the filmmaker.

Fully sourced site broke the story:

“32 years ago Steven Spielberg went to the UK to personally congratulate Christian Bale on getting the leading role in Empire of the Sun. He also hired Bale’s friend to be a stand-in. The boy was gone for a whole year, but when he returned he was never the same again. What did Spielberg do to this boy?”

Hollywood child star gone to Hell and back, Corey Feldman, has been on his own supposed mission to eradicate the pedophiles in tinsel town, when the truth is he has been victimized by these monsters all along and is today only being used as a distraction to take people’s eyes off the big name child predators involved.

It seems like each week Feldman is given a new script to follow for the Illuminati. This week he clams to have been stabbed while out in public, yet the police say they don’t believe his story.

In my opinion, Feldman has been subjected to decades of MK Ultra programming, including torture and sleep deprivation to make his mind fragment into what is called ‘alters’. I believe Hollywood is using him as a decoy, and I am afraid it is not going to end up good for Corey, due to the belly of the beast that he finds himself in right now.

All of these deceptive antics by mainstream news pushing the Feldman “I want to stop the child abuse in Hollywood” narrative is classic CIA trickery.

Corey Feldman did not get stabbed. His film career has been in the toilet for so long he could not be lucky enough to catch a break of this kind of high level exposure.

John Podesta and Spielberg are connected via this email that detailed prospective donors, where the Hollywood mogul was named.

And Mr. Spielberg pops up in yet another Podesta email HERE, where it is stated that they were going to be meeting with one another.

Corey Feldman confessed many years back that a powerful movie “mogul” was responsible for all of the abuse of child actors but he was too scared to name the person.

It’s clear to see who that individual is, so maybe we need to stop playing a game of celebrity charades
and start to demand that the authorities bring the elite who are suspects in for questioning about these matters.