June 19, 2024

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DEF LEPPARD Singer On The Stadium Tour: “I hope to God the tour actually happens”

In a revealing new interview with Rolling Stone magazine, DEF LEPPARD singer, Joe Elliott, discusses the band’s forthcoming new album ‘Diamond Star Halos’ that is getting a lot of early buzz, plus new details on the twice postponed “The Stadium Tour.”

With the ongoing criticism of Mötley Crüe‘s Vince Neil not appearing ready for their big comeback, Elliott sees there being a 99% chance the tour does happen – but confirms nothing at this point is guaranteed. Check out a few excerpts from the interview down below.

“This stadium tour is potentially going to run for three years all over the world.”

– Joe Elliott 

They’re about to start a three-year stadium tour with Poison and Mötley Crüe, but just don’t call them hair metal

Regarding The Stadium Tour:

“We start rehearsing in early May. Then we take a break for a while and then gather for full production rehearsals just a week or so before the first show in June. We will be well prepared by the time we get to Atlanta since we spend a lot of time behind closed doors ironing out all the stuff. As you said, we’ve been off the road for two and a quarter years. But we’ve been off for longer before. For us to get our chops back won’t take too long. This stadium tour gives us an opportunity to promote our new album, but we’re not stupid. We’re not going to play every song off of it. We’re going to play a select couple or three. It’s a stadium show. People come to hear what they know, and we’re going to play exactly what you expect from us. The beauty of it is we couldn’t have done this in 2020 since we didn’t have the album. We can do it now.”

“I hope to God the tour actually happens. By the looks of things, it’s 99 percent definite it’s going to happen. It would have to be something better than World War III or Omicron to stop it now.”

– Joe Elliott  

Believe it or not, Def Leppard’s new single “Kick”, ironically enough, is about battling one’s own addictions, whatever those demons might be, as Elliott sings: “I don’t wanna kick, kick
Kick your habit
‘Cause you never quit, quit
I gotta have it. I don’t wanna quit. I gotta have it. So won’t you give me some more?”