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PIZZAGATE, Spielberg & The Rock N Roll Murders Of 2017

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PIZZAGATE, Spielberg & The Rock N Roll Murders Of 2017

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

“We are trying to reminds ourselves that the demons who took you away from us were always part of the deal. After all, it was the way you sang about those demons that made people fall in love with you in the first place.” – LINKIN PARK message to Chester Bennington

2017 is almost over. This year flew by really fast, right? Well, it certainly was a calendar year filled with some demonic moments. Two of the world’s biggest rock stars lost their lives in the same identical manner within 2 months of each other, ex-BLINK 182 vocalist Tom DeLonge claims to be in private talks with the U.S. government (and his pal John “Skippy” Podesta) to disclose alien contact to the masses once and for all, all the while, independent journalists like myself, exposed the biggest international child trafficking ring based in Washington D.C. that has purportedly snuffed out the lives of millions of kids I learned.

I established a mountain of evidence by way of over 100 long format investigative articles in the past 6 months alone supporting ‘murder’ in the cases of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. My work has been featured at the top sites around the globe, being exposed to hundreds of millions overall.

One of the biggest mysteries is the actual number of kids missing. Unfortunately, since many children are never reported missing, there is no reliable way to determine the total number of children who are actually missing in the U.S.

When a child is reported missing to law enforcement, federal law requires that child be entered into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, also known as NCIC.

Yet, did you know that Washington D.C police will not investigate child porn allegedly found on the computer at Comet Ping Pong?

According to the FBI, in 2016 there were 465,676 NCIC entries for missing children. Similarly, in 2015, the total number of missing children entries into NCIC was 460,699.

This number represents reports of missing children.

“If a child runs away multiple times in a year, each instance would be entered into NCIC separately and counted in the yearly total. Likewise, if an entry is withdrawn and amended or updated, that would also be reflected in the total. During the last 33 years, NCMEC’s national toll-free hotline, 1-800-THE-LOST© (1-800-843-5678), has received more than 4.5 million calls.”

However, the overall number of children that go missing each year around the globe is estimated to be 8 Million.

That’s 320 million children in the past four decades alone.

Certainly with all of the child abuse scandals, the Franklin Coverup, McMartin preschool, and now PEDOGATE AKA #Pizzagate, the numbers of kids that vanished is simply mind boggling.

The following program called CIA Secret Experiments exposes the sinister CIA and their diabolical secret MK Ultra operation.

I previously reported that the CIA operated a secret Hollywood production facility on Lookout Mountain called Wonderland located in Laurel Canyon, where the biggest movie stars and rock personalities got their marching orders for the New World Order, and ‘brainwashing’ programming called MK Ultra.

This year has been chock full of major celebs being thrown to the fire as a diversion, well known perverts like Kevin Spacey took a bullet for the team, even though “truthers” already knew that the mainstream news in America is involved in a systematic shutdown of real news stories that could derail their Nazi-influenced propaganda machine.

I proved collusion between Podesta and LINKIN PARK via SE4ALL.

The comments section of this blind item I recently came across went wild as did 4chan and Let’s break this down as to why people think this was referring to Steven Spielberg and Heather O’Rourke. Remember now, another child actor who worked for Spielberg as a the starring voice for the animated classic The Land Before Time, Judith Barsi, also died of strange circumstances in 1988.

Young Judith and her parents had been set on fire, much like in a ritual sacrifice.

As the story goes:

“Heather was acting in the eighties and she was not yet a tween, had hit films and television appearances so this matches ENT LAWYER claims this girl was first molested at 5 or 6, Heather was discovered by Steven Spielberg and had her first acting role at the age of 5 in a show called Fantasy Island / this matches the exact television show set that these events occurred on can not be verified 100% but the clues seem to lead to “Rocky Road” as it was filmed in the same studio as jeopardy (which is still running today) and Pewee Herman (who is alluded to for being busted masturbating in a theater) /this matches or at least makes sense a medic needed to be called because something had been inserted into the girl which ended up eventually killing her / this could match as Heather died of bowel problems.”

Similarly, young Judith Barsi who was the starring voice in the Spielberg animated classic LAND BEFORE TIME was found dead with her parents and set on fire in 1988 as well.

Young Judith, the precious voice of the character “Ducky” was killed and I feel this was covered up my the Luciferian run police and media. There definitely seems to be something very sinister going on as it relates to Spielberg, E.T.’s, and dead rockers who fight for kids that keep ending up dead.

E.T.’s finger obviously was designed to be a phallic symbol. Totally disgusting.

How could we as citizens allow this type of corruption to continue?

In 2016 the CyberTipline received 8.2 million reports, most of which related to:

Apparent child sexual abuse images.

Online enticement, including “sextortion.”

Child sex trafficking.

Child sexual molestation.

Since its inception, the CyberTipline has received more than 20 million reports.

Ex Shareblue employee claims on 4chan that James Alefantis was friends with Comet Ping Pong shooter Edgar Welch

And all the while, tax paying Americans are hit with one ‘false flag’ shooting after the next, including over 50+ shot dead while watching a concert, later revealed to be the coordinated work of ‘multiple shooters’, not one lone white gunman.

This event was clearly yet another false flag event. I feel it was totally orchestrated by the CIA and various government agencies. It should not be surprising at all to any of us at this point that the US government would be able to operate and commit crimes on American soil using their own operatives.

Now the Luciferians, who sold us Global Warming, are pushing the fake ‘alien agenda’ on all of us, like we don’t have enough to worry about, right?

I can only imagine what 2018 has in store. God help us all.