June 13, 2024

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DEVILDRIVER – New Album Title, Release Date


American groove metal masters DEVILDRIVER announced today the release of their forthcoming fifth album, Beast. Beast was produced by Mark Lewis (All That Remains, Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder) and will hit retail via longtime label Roadrunner Records on February 22, 2011.

While many bands in the modern era are already withering away by their second album and have shriveled up and died by their third, DevilDriver have proven to mutate, growing stronger, deadlier and more immortal with each successive release. Beast, which follows 2009’s Pray For Villains, finds the band refusing to compromise in their mission to deliver music that will make you feel as though you were slapped upside the head with a baseball bat. The band recorded 14 songs during the Beast sessions, with 11 or 12 tracks expected to make the final cut. Some song titles are as follows: “Dead to Rights,” “Hardened,” “Bring The Fight (To the Floor),” “Shitlist,” “Talons Out (Teeth Sharpened),” “Blur,” “You Make Me Sick (Sacred Secrets),” “The Blame Game,” “Coldblooded, “Crowns Of Creation” and “Lend Myself to the Night.”

Frontman Dez Fafara himself dubbed the record their most “extreme” to date and even compared Beast to “driving a Buick Skylark 200 miles an hour straight to Vegas” in an exclusive studio report in this month’s Revolver. (Source: Roadrunner)

Here’s what the press had to say about DevilDriver in recent months:

“DevilDriver don’t have anything to prove-we can either bang out heads on their terms, or simply eat their dust.” –Revolver

“These five Southern California cowboys from Hell have their six guns drawn and aimed right at the competition. They blow absolutely everyone away too.” –Artist Direct

“I liken DEVILDRIVER’s intensity to that of a 300 pound bodybuilder jacked up on some serious steroids… and looking for someone’s face to smash!”
– Randy “Rocket” Cody, THE METAL DEN

“Here, Fafara and the DevilDriver crew gut-punch the listener with a storming title track and follow with a dozen more songs that rival Slipknot and Machine Head in the groove-metal echelon.” –Alternative Press

“But it’s their fourth offering, Pray for Villains, that really consolidates the musicians’ strengths into a cohesive, street-lethal hybrid of punishing rhythms, incisive guitar licks and penetrating melodies.” –Guitar World