June 15, 2024

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Report: Rocket Has Solved The Zodiac Killer Crimes!

Legendary rock journalist and promoter Randy “Rocket” Cody (not to mention the creator of the world’s #1 viewed metal news site THE METAL DEN) has pulled off what many felt for decades was totally impossible. The World’s Most Dangerous Journalist has officially solved The Zodiac Killer crimes that took place between 1968 and 1969. Today Rocket has posted a shocking new report that nails his theory down 100%, and essentially captures the most notorious (now dead??) American serial killer ever!

Read the report HERE.

Don’t miss Rocket’s interview today on FM Rock Radio Station WQEE 99.1 “The Key” in Atlanta, Georgia at 9AM eastern.

Rocket comments:

“What an honor to be the journalist to finally identify the person behind The Zodiac Killer crimes. There is no possible way to argue my reporting. I am extremely proud of being able to confirm the name of the Zodiac! And I am only getting started. I will be dropping the hammer on many other unsolved cases next, and will also prove that I solved The Black Dahlia and Jack The Ripper cases.”