April 17, 2024

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Nikki Sixx Did Not Play Bass On MÖTLEY CRÜE’s “Kickstart My Heart”, It Was Programmed!

Check out the isolated bass track for “Kickstart My Heart” by MÖTLEY CRÜE uploaded to YouTube as programmed by a keyboardist named John Webster, who is credited for keyboards and programming on the Dr. Feelgood album. This revelation comes after Nikki Sixx has been exposed as fake playing at live Crue gigs, according to ousted guitarist Mick Mars.

During the 80s and 90s, Webster reportedly worked on major studio recordings done in Vancouver’s Little Mountain Sound Studios with producers Bruce Fairbairn and Bob Rock. Mr. Rock received credit on Dr. Feelgood for playing ‘ghost bass’ for Sixx on the track “Time for Change”.

John Webster has appeared on many albums by established artists and his production achievements include two Juno awards.

A comment left by a fan named Derek Solomon reveals the shocking truth.

According to Gearpage.net:

“It was a common practice in the 80s to use a sequenced synth bass track on any recording that had “hit” potential. Complicated bass lines don’t necessarily make for a kick ass track. The simpler the better.
Mutt Lange used midi bass and drum machines on all the Def Leppard hits.”

TMD revealed that Sixx, Lee and Neil were all complicit in using prerecorded audio at shows for the highly anticipated The Stadium Tour, while attempting to gaslight and sabotage Mick Mars.