April 17, 2024

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SHOCKER: Mark Epstein Claims Brother Was Murdered, Did Tommy Lee’s ‘Jesters’ Order the Hit?

Mark Epstein, the brother of the deceased billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, unveiled new photos of his brother’s autopsy during an interview with Megyn Kelly, a conservative commentator and SiriusXM host.

During an interview this past Friday on “The Megyn Kelly Show” on SiriusXM, Mark Epstein released never-before-seen photos from his brother’s autopsy report to reinforce his argument that Jeffrey Epstein did not die by suicide but was killed by another prisoner (or someone else with access to the prison like a MOSSAD special agent given clearance as a guard) while in custody.

With TMD’s shocking new bombshell which revealed that Epstein was the head of the secret society The Royal Order of Jesters, connected to a Watergate style break in believed to have been carried out by MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee near the end of last year that saw computer servers go missing, this story has been blown wide open like never before.

Video: Jeffrey Epstein’s brother releases autopsy photo (americanmilitarynews.com)

One of the new pictures released from the autopsy showed a sizable red mark around Jeffrey Epstein’s neck, prompting Megyn Kelly to question how a “sheet” could leave such a large mark on his neck.

Mark Epstein claimed that the red mark around his brother’s neck appeared to resemble “ligature strangulation” rather than the result of a hanging suicide. He added that the mark was located around the middle of Jeffrey Epstein’s neck in the photos and that the mark should have been “high up in the front” if the wealthy sex offender had truly hung himself.

It has been previously reported by TMD that Epstein held a lot of damning information against very powerful people (potentially including Lee and his ex-girlfriend supermodel Naomi Campbell) that his ring was able to snare a lot of them into blackmail schemes, involving filming these high-profile John’s with underage girls in sex video tapes – and no doubt made Epstein a marked man.

Similar to the Chris Cornell death that TMD conducted independently back in 2017, Epstein had burst eyes and the hallmark signs of a violent strangulation homicide. Chris was trying to expose the truth behind the “black book” that belonged to Epstein, and it got him silenced, along with his buddy Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK two months later… on Chris’ birthday. Coincidence? Or a sign from the evil Jesters behind the ring that nobody is above being killed to keep secrets buried.

In both cases of Cornell and Epstein there are ligatures used on both men tied to an elite Satanic pedophile murder cult they are trying to expose.

Reportedly Chris Cornell had trauma to the back of the head according to the first responder’s remarks, who cited “Suggestions of a possible strangulation.” This was strangely left out of the autopsy report.

Mark Epstein told Kelly on Friday that despite the fact the U.S. government claimed he had been notified of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, he first discovered his brother’s death while watching CNN.  While he initially believed the report that his brother had died by suicide and “respected” Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent decision to take his own life while in prison, Mark Epstein told Kelly that he became increasingly suspicious of the report as he learned more information from witnesses of the autopsy.

Video: Jeffrey Epstein’s brother releases autopsy photo (americanmilitarynews.com)

As the story goes, legendary rocker Chris Cornell used a red exercise band to kill himself inside a Detroit hotel room, according to Detroit PD, who I later proved are covering up the real cause of death: homicide by strangulation.

It is very rare to find “Petechial Hemorrhages” in the eyes if someone ‘hanged’ themselves.

(Source: http://www.encyclopedia.com/history/united-states-and-canada/us-government/hanging)

Reading Chris’s autopsy, page 3, paragraph 4 the medical examiner noted, “confluent petechiae of the left and right palpebral conjunctivae” which indicates there were petechial hemorrages of the eyes.

In a nutshell, all those blood spots clearly indicate a strangulation was evident on Chris.

So, while authorities and the mainstream news media push the suicide narrative in both Chris and Epstein’s cases, one cannot just outright say this was a hanging when the truth is “Petechial Hemorrhages” often are indicator of a strangulation.

According to forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who was hired by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother to look into the death and was present during the autopsy, the fingerprints on the body found in Epstein’s cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in the early morning of August 10, 2019, match the fingerprints taken of Epstein when he was booked during a 2006 arrest in Florida. This would seem to conveniently rule out the possibility a body double was used, which is one of the conspiracy theories floating around currently. While there is speculation that Epstein is still alive, if he is indeed dead as Dr. Baden confirms it means that the next logical step is to investigate any leads as to who murdered Epstein and determine why he was killed. What else is being covered up that is not being reported about his criminal ties, and the others involved in his underage sex slavery ring?

The leaked details from Mick Mars‘ court docs, wherein the 72-year-old guitar icon gathered witness statements for his lawsuit against his old band that detail members of MÖTLEY CRÜE having participated in Satanic rituals and raping young girls since the eighties. One of those witness statements is allegedly pulled from an online interview done with Al Bowman, ex-Crue limo driver.

Al Bowman Real DIRT on Motley Crue Satanic Parties (spreaker.com)

Who are the “potential co-conspirators” left unnamed and given immunity with Epstein’s non-prosecution agreement, negotiated by Trump’s disgraced former Labor Secretary Alex Acosta?

Over a course of around six years, state Finance Secretary Preston Doerflinger had reportedly been a member of the Royal Order of Jesters, the self-described “fun” secretive social club that celebrates drinking and bills itself as “a luxury organization” only for those “who can afford it.”

“Acosta’s decision to decline to initiate a federal prosecution of Epstein was within the scope of his authority, and OPR did not find evidence that his decision was based on corruption or other impermissible considerations, such as Epstein’s wealth, status, or associations,” the summary said.

An alleged victim of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein contends that federal prosecutors are guilty of “violating her rights when they offered the sex offender a secret plea deal” — and asked the Supreme Court to overturn an appeals court ruling that stops her from suing.

Courtney Wild, who claims she was abused by Epstein when she was just 14, says prosecutors defied the Crime Victims’ Rights Act when they concealed the so-called “sweetheart deal” from her.

The deal allowed the late multimillionaire pedophile to dodge federal charges involving more than 30 underage victims.

Prosecutors went easy on the elite pedophile instead allowing Epstein to plead guilty to two state felonies related to soliciting a minor for sex. Epstein served just 13 months in the private wing of a county jail after pleading guilty to the prostitution-related charges.

Jeffrey Epstein and Tommy Lee both retained Michael Sitrick’s PR agency for a common reason, to protect both of them from being found complicit or to have taken part in any other illegal sex acts. Why would anyone accept money from a child rapist?

Michael “The Fixer” Sitrick is not to be trusted.

During her deposition for the 2015 lawsuit, Epstein ring victim Virginia Giuffre testified that she had sex with the owner of a large hotel before attending Campbell’s birthday party in France. 

‘I believe it was around the same time that Naomi Campbell had a birthday party,’ Guiffre stated, adding that the sexual encounter occurred ‘in his own cabana townhouse thing.’ 

Documents show how Jeffrey Epstein leveraged connections (lee.net)

It’s said the damning videos stolen with the computer servers at Michael Sitrick’s office contained potential footage of these underage girls being ‘sold for sex’ by the ring to high profile celeb John’s at Campbell hosted events.

A woman named Sarah Ransome has reiterated claims that Jeffrey Epstein made sex tapes of Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, among others.

She alleged that Epstein filmed her friend and other girls being exploited having sex with these high-profile men.

Ransome stated that she retracted the claims in 2016 due to threats against her family, but she now stands by them. It is believed that the Sitrick office break in went down because more videos were released (either through Sitrick himself and put onto these stolen servers or possibly by someone working on the inside maybe being paid off by some outside element) that put other huge celebrities like Tommy Lee (known to have dated Campbell at one time) in a compromising position, excuse the pun.

This is why I believe the break in, and theft of the computer servers went down.

‘The Tapes Exist’, Declares Jeffrey Epstein Victim

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