February 28, 2024

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CHRIS CORNELL – “Suggestions Of A Possible Strangulation”

As TMD’s worldwide acclaimed independent death investigation of SOUNDGARDEN’s Chris Cornell continues, it looks like the events leading to the death of the legendary musician on May 18th are much darker than ever imagined.

The violence that occurred in that hotel room after the frontman’s final gig is both heartbreaking
and final. Only one person was going to walk away alive from that kind of surprise attack.

Obviously Chris Cornell lost that fight. Delving deeper into details in Chris’ autopsy, there has been either major mistakes made by the medical examiner or they simply overlooked the obvious. Nonetheless, BOTH Detroit PD and the man in charge of the post mortem examination totally operated as complete amateurs in their profession when investigating the scene in room #1136 of the MGM Grand… as well as the body itself.

While TMD is not claiming to be an expert in the medical field, facts are facts and everyone has common sense, right?

God put a brain in your head for a reason, correct? Good. Tonight you are going to use it to understand the horrifying final moments of a rock hero.

Reportedly one of the ways to attempt to distinguish a hanging from a strangulation is what they call “Petechial Hemorrhages” of the eyes. This happens typically when an individual is strangulated.

(Pictured: Not Chris Cornell, But An Example of Petechial Hemorrhage)

It is very rare to find “Petechial Hemorrhages” in the eyes if someone ‘hanged’ themselves.

(Source: http://www.encyclopedia.com/history/united-states-and-canada/us-government/hanging)

Reading Chris’s autopsy, page 3, paragraph 4 the medical examiner noted, “confluent petechiae of the left and right palpebral conjunctivae” which indicates there were petechial hemorrages of the eyes.

In a nutshell, all those blood spots clearly indicate a strangulation was evident on Chris.

So while authorities and the mainstream news media push the suicide narrative, one can not just outright say this was a hanging when the truth is “Petechial Hemorrhages”most often are indicator of a strangulation.

Just like you never sustain 9 rib fractures during CPR.. or better yet, a hanging by the neck, understand? IT IS COMMON SENSE!

Now, just like you use common sense when crossing the street in traffic, you understand the laws of physics. If you step in front of a speeding chunk of metal on wheels weighing 2 tons odds are your body is going to disintegrate. Are we still on the same page?

Great… let’s continue, shall we?

Pushing down on the middle sternum of the chest or off to the side during CPR, even at continuous, rapid rate, applying a lot of pressure behind your pushing, would only seriously bruise the skin or muscle/tissue underneath. If any breakage happens it is because much more force was used in an extremely neglectful manner, with a very strong person delivering the CPR. In that situation you might break 1 or 2… maybe 3… if you are working on an elderly person only.

Also, TMD has learned that if a human being is hung, the pressure around a band on neck normally stops blood from flowing up. This is why it is TMD’s belief that the blood flow from Chris’s mouth that was noted occurred ‘after’ the bodyguard killed him via strangulation, before ultimately dragging the rocker into the bathroom and partially suspending him from the door.

Reportedly Chris Cornell had trauma to the back of the head according to the first responder’s remarks, who cited “Suggestions of a possible strangulation.” Listen to the official dispatch recording below.
Scroll to 7:06:35 in the recording to hear the shocking Cornell call.

With a literal mountain of new evidence that points in the complete opposite direction of suicide, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or even a medical expert to see that this case was clearly mishandled. Point blank, the Detroit PD need to stop sitting around being fooled by the false narrative and the public needs to wake up to the TOTALLY BOGUS PRESS being perpetuated by Detroit News and other major news media organizations.

It’s time to do what should have been done in the first damn place and get back on the case to determine who exactly killed Chris Cornell. Simply pathetic. Everyone associated from news reporting to the law enforcement and medical on this case should be slapped upside the head and forced to listen to Creed for 24 hours straight.

Thanks: LSA Cornellathon