April 17, 2024

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Epstein is Alive? Tommy Lee and Naomi Campbell Are Being “Sacrificed To Media” To Protect Him

It was during Ghislaine Maxwell‘s criminal trial that Epstein’s victims, some of whom aspired to be models or artists, claimed that Epstein ‘dropped the names of his famous and influential friends’ to suggest that he was the victims’ ‘ticket to reaching their dreams’.

Maxwell, 62, was convicted of sex-trafficking charges and is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence. The world waits for the John’s to be named finally who have remained protected due to their celebrity status.

My legendary Chris Cornell death investigation shocked the world when I proved foul play existed in his case and that the singer was trying to blow the lid off the Epstein scandal.

It is my belief that Epstein faked his death in 2019 while he was awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges. His deep MOSSAD and other intelligence connections got him loose in my opinion, along with paying off the CIA enough money to allow him to pull off a Hitler and fool everyone with a staged suicide.

My latest #TruthForChris provides the intel drop that named Epstein as the head of the secret society murder syndicate that is running the ring called The Royal Order of Jesters, which is invite only among the high-ranking Freemason elite. It’s a death cult. Some believe Lee to be in charge now only as a fake front to confuse the public who think Epstein is dead. Yes, it is true. The real one calling the shots still for the group is Epstein from the shadows.

 The roughly 250 Epstein documents that were unsealed, mostly tell us what has already long been known about a man who traveled in elite circles until his arrest, however TMD has been the first to make the connection between Lee and Naomi, sex tapes of underage girls with high profile names, the Watergate style break in in Brentwood, all being connected to this former couple allegedly serving as the #2 in command of the ring behind Epstein and Maxwell.

The reason why Epstein was able to beat death, plus any real criminal prosecution and jail time, was because of the dirt that he has on these high-level Washington and entertainment types, that apparently is so damning that Epstein is the Teflon Don of pedo pimps. Maxwell and Lee are getting sacrificed for the greater good of the ring. Maxwell understands. Her old man Robert was big time MOSSAD agent back in the day. 20 years is a light sentence anyway for a woman guilty of helping commit sex crimes against young, innocent girls and serving as a diversion, like Lee and Campbell are now.

Yes, you read that right. Epstein already arranged for blackmail video tapes of his elite clients to be filmed and secured somewhere safe – to use when he was really in hot water, and this is the ace card he pulled on all of them to secure his freedom, albeit forcing him out of the public eye as part of the plan.

Now it seems like another woman will be sacrificed to keep the wolves at bay. It will be someone everyone hates anyway, and views as a self-entitled, spoiled rich bitch.

Naomi Campbell.

NAOMI CAMPBELL insists she had no clue what Epstein was doing with the young girls, yet Campbell is seen at parties close by the victims in photos. She even admitted to having been in a romantic relationship at one time with Lee, when she was deemed as being too high maintenance by MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s drummer. “I’m certainly not a high maintenance girlfriend. I’m very giving, although I’m demanding of their emotions,” she told CONTACTMUSIC.COM.”

If indeed Campbell worked as a lure for the Epstein ring as some insiders believe, she could be guilty of bringing these underage girls to Lee’s bedroom. If video has been captured of these high-profile names with these victims, it explains why the Watergate style break in went down at Tommy Lee and Epstein’s PR guy’s office where computer servers vanished.

Many insiders now believe that someone perhaps Epstein’s “The Fixer” himself purposefully hosted the black mail videos on these servers.

By throwing Campbell and Lee under the bus, (and yes, all signs point to them being guilty anyway) it takes the attention off the main dude everyone needs to get back to worrying about, to find out whether he is really still alive or not.

Jeffrey Epstein is still a big problem yet to be solved.

My source tells me all of this ring is deeply immersed in black magick and ritual killings as I laid out in my last report that tied director Steven Spielberg, MEGA and Epstein together. This involves the golden triangle of sex trafficking. The conspiracy is massive and goes back decades. It all involved CPS (Child Protective Services), foster care, and MK ULTRA, stuff I have been preaching about for years. I recently uncovered the truth behind the rape/murders of two 80s child actresses that were killed and covered up.