DREAM THEATER – Debut New Music Video

Progressive metal act, DREAM THEATER, have unveiled a new track from their forthcoming album, Distance Over Time, which is due out on February 22 through InsideOut Music. Titled “Fall Into the Light,” the a new animated video for the song can be viewed above.

“The Grammy-nominated Long Island-based quintet Dream Theater are, in the 21st century, the standard bearers of progressive metal. While the subgenre’s origins can be traced to Rushs song “Bastille Day” in 1975, and Queensrÿche‘s 1988 concept offering Operation: Mindcrime was its first full-length album, Dream Theater have largely defined and expanded the music’s horizons since 1986. The band’s ability to deliver tight, melodic, musically sophisticated songs and thematic concept recordings that encompass elements of hook-based hard rock, riff-fueled metal, syncopated prog, and sophisticated lyrics, have made them the act that subsequent genre bands aspire to and are measured by.” – All Music

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