BRUCE CORBITT – Issues Health Update

The Fight Continues…

Legendary RIGOR MORTIS/WARBEAST vocalist, Bruce Corbitt, has issued a new update on his battle with cancer… that sadly, his health looks to have taken a turn for the worse. In Bruce’s words, the ‘cancer is now spread all throughout his body’ and he is terminal. The doctor gives him very little time at this point, and Bruce has now been moved to a hospice location.

Fans can check out the latest update from Bruce via Facebook HERE.

RIGOR MORTIS formed in 1983 in Arlington, Texas and immediately became a driving force in the original wave of North Texas Metal. With the emphasis on speed and the subject matter steeped in horror and gore, RIGOR stood out as extreme intimidators, on and off stage. Starting out as a 3 piece composed of Mike Scaccia on guitar, Harden Harrison on drums, and Casey Orr on bass, the band added vocalist Bruce Corbitt in ’86 and quickly signed to Capitol Records, releasing their classic self titled debut record in ’87. Two years later, Corbitt left the band and Doyle Bright came in on vocals. RIGOR went on to release two more records; “Freaks”, on Metal Blade Records and “RIGOR MORTIS Vs. The Earth”, on Triple X.

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