I offer affordable rates for unsigned bands who want to be promoted at TMD site. The cost for me to review a band’s CD is USD $200.

I also do one interview with band for same price at $200. It can be one member, two members or the whole band done at the same time, and I do that by email questions. Both interview and review gets heavily promoted on Twitter/Facebook once it posts. I have a very large “Metal Fan” audience worldwide that follows me regularly.

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Keep in mind, for only an additional $100 you can sign up for ‘unlimited’ press releases at TMD site for 1 month.

Full Time Band Publicist: $1,000 (2 months)

I offer more serious bands the advanced service of “full time band publicist.” What is the cost? You get included, (1 interview, 1 CD review and the ‘unlimited’ press releases) plus additional marketing and distribution via my personal list of record labels, radio stations, magazines, etc.. It works well to help bands gets signed and land other magazine interviews and also get them to review your music too. This service is a two month minimum buy in at $500 each month. The total is $1,000 for 2 months of the “full time band publicist” service. That means for the entire 2 months you get the unlimited press, the 1 interview, the 1 CD review done by me at TMD, along with being shopped to the top metal labels and magazines!  

Basic Press Release Svc. ($100 for 1 month/unlimited)

See below for a sample traffic report from Twitter so you can see the typical amount of impressions TMD is getting currently, it’s around a million per month. You always want to make sure that the promoter you work with provides you this kind of proof so you don’t waste your time and money, okay?   You can find more information and some customer testimonials at TMD’s Alignable business profile:  

I look forward to working with your band.

Randy “Rocket” Cody  

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