REVIEW: BLEED THE SKY – “This Way Lies Madness”

American metalcore act, BLEED THE SKY, fell off the heavy metal music map twelve years ago, and frankly, many fans like myself pretty much lost all hope of them returning until this 2020 comeback release dropped entitled “This Way Lies Madness.”

The band’s third full-length album is released via Art Is War Records and kicks off with the scorching track “Tongue Louse” – a pulverizing ear blaster, no doubt. Next the listener is brought deeper into their darkened world with the cut “Carnage (Join Me In The Fire). “I don’t give a fuck when it comes down to it,” screams vocalist Noah Robinson. Guitarist Kevin Garcia co-produced this record along with Ben Schigel (Chimaira/Drowning Pool), and the production level is definitely on point...

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ROCKET REVIEW: KORN – “The Nothing” (CD)

Nu metal veterans KORN have released a new studio effort in 2019 titled “The Nothing,” and it is undoubtedly one of the year’s best.

Last year, vocalist Jonathan Davis mother passed away and six months later, his ex-wife Deven, died due to an accidental drug overdose. There is a seriously dark vibe on all of the songs as the listener feels the pain the singer still lives with currently. After kicking off with the eerie “The End Begins,” the musical assault jumps to a new level of grim and depressing with stellar cuts “Cold”, “You’ll Never Find Me” and “The Darkness Is Revealing.”

Next up “Idiosyncrasy” will have you banging your head and on the track “The Seduction Of Indulgence,” the band offers a frightening interlude on which Davis repeats, “skinning me, stabbing me, touchin...

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ROCKET REVIEW: EXHORDER – “Mourn The Southern Skies”

New Orleans, Louisiana thrash groove act EXHORDER have returned in 2019 with a new studio effort entitled “Mourn The Southern Skies,” and without a doubt, this is the best heavy metal album of the year. This is the first record the band has released in 27 years, since 1992’s “The Law.”

The production is on the mark and vocalist Kyle Thomas sounds just as mean as he always did, while guitarists Vinnie LaBella and Marzi Montazeri provide plenty of killer riffs for him to sing over. The mayhem erupts with track one, “My Time”, followed by the absolutely explosive “Asunder,” itself alone a brutal masterpiece. Next your ears will be raped by “Hallowed Sounds” and “Beware The Wolf,” pummeling you into total submission. The awesome momentum does not slow down at all...

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Vinnie Paul’s swan song is absolutely ass kicking and groove metal at its most powerful!

HELLYEAH returns in 2019 with a new sensational studio effort, their sixth overall, titled “Welcome Home,” and it is the last album to feature late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN drummer, Vinnie Paul Abbott. That being said, we are all lucky that he completed his drum tracks before his untimely death in 2018. Fans are in for a real treat with this release.

I was pleasantly surprised by how totally heavy this album sounds overall, so it is truly a befitting send off for Vinnie Paul, and Chad Gray’s top notch vocal performance is definitely what helps take the mostly grooving, face pulverizing collection of headbangers to a new level. A lot of fans want to see him back with his original band MUDVAYNE but I ca...

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The 2019 album by the masked madmen who jam super psychotic sounding metal music, delivers on every level for me. The new SLIPKNOT studio effort is titled, “We Are Not Your Kind,” and it is probably the group’s best from top to bottom, in my opinion. I was totally blown away at how good this record sounded when I gave it the first spin cranked up loud in my home office. The band was no doubt up against the wall, in terms of having to bring their A game – for they had to follow-up their stellar 2014 album ‘.5: The Gray Chapter,’ which was a pretty big hit. Although, I dare say that the 2019 version of this band is quite possibly the best they have ever sounded.

The first track is “Insert Coin”, serving as the calm before the storm – as it is followed by the debut single from t...

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REVIEW: DIAMOND HEAD – “The Coffin Train”

Legendary English metal act, DIAMOND HEAD, have issued a new studio album titled “The Coffin Train” in 2019, and it’s no doubt an impressive follow-up to their totally brilliant 2016 self-titled record. With leader Brian Tatler on lead/rhythm guitar and backing vocals since 1976, this veteran band has influenced the likes of METALLICA and MEGADETH, two of the most important bands in the history of metal music.

The rhythm is anchored down tightly by drummer Karl Wilcox , Andy “Abbz” Abberley on rhythm/lead guitar and bassist Dean Ashton. The vocals are even more crushing than the previous effort, for Rasmus Bom Andersen simply kills it on this album. It all kicks off with “Belly of the Beast”, followed by “The Messenger” and the jamming title track...

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Finnish death grind act CUMBEAST have unleashed “Gore Zoo” album in 2019, and it is easily one of the best studio records I have heard so far this year. They remind me a lot of my late friend Tyson’s band DOWNSPELL. This band truly incorporates the PANTERA groove metal style into their overall sound.

On lead vocals is Iiro Kosonen, going under the stage moniker “Cumshot Iriot”, and he is joined by Rob O’Cock on guitar, along with Fleshpipe Mike on drums. The chaos kicks off with the brutal “Cocktopus”, followed by “Chickencage of Terror.” Up next is the blazing hot “Nocturnal Disembowelment” and “Sarcofuck...

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Legendary American thrash metal band, OVERKILL, returns in 2019 with their 19th studio album titled “The Wings Of War.” It is the first to feature new drummer, Jason Bittner, and fans will not be disappointed in the final product. The last few albums have seen the band somehow continue to develop the heaviest sound in extreme metal, led by vocalist, Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth”, and although Ron Lipnicki is no longer behind the drums, this album is a testimony to how truly great these dudes are, in my opinion. This album is better than the last three, easily. And I love each of those albums for the raw, kick your ass over and over again delivery.

It all kicks off with the totally slamming “Last Man Standing...

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ROCKET REVIEW: “The Dirt” (Movie)

The Low Budget Netflix Romp Is A Smash Success!

After watching the trailer for the long awaited Mötley Crüe biopic, I was not initially impressed. Couple that with the fact that they did not even get The Dirt into the movie theaters also got me to thinking that this was going to turn out to be a low budget stinker released straight to DVD. While they certainly were never going to compete with QUEEN’s film that won the Oscar for best actor, I feel the Crue has delivered a slamming good flick. Although it definitely has its ups and downs, just like each band member once they achieved international rock stardom in the late eighties, the overall production is actually top notch and a must see for fans of the band and rock music in general...

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ROCKET REVIEW: METALLICA – ‘Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic At The Masonic (Vinyl)

On February 1, 2019, the mighty METALLICA released the limited-edition vinyl release of “Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic At The Masonic”. It is a double album, perfectly mixed by Greg Fidelman and mastered for vinyl by Reuben Cohen at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Fans are treated to the inaugural “Helping Hands” benefit concert that was held in San Francisco, California on November 3, 2018. Proceeds go to the All Within My Hands Foundation...

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