MÖTLEY CRÜE – Has No Choice But To Fire Vince Neil For A Second Time (UPDATED)

MÖTLEY CRÜE – Has No Choice But To Fire Vince Neil For A Second Time (UPDATED)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

MÖTLEY CRÜE first fired their singer Vince Neil in 1992 when he claimed that he had lost his passion for the band and was now more involved with racing cars. He was replaced for four years by John Corabi of the group THE SCREAM. Corabi’s influence on the Crue continued on even after Vince was brought back, with Corabi claiming to have been the main songwriter for most of the band’s full-lengths post Dr. Feelgood, including the self-titled Crue album Corabi sang on. To this day, drummer Tommy Lee said that lone effort to include Corabi singing was the best album Crue ever put out.

I am here to tell all of you that for the past several years there has been an internal war going on between two different factions of the CRÜE, understand? Each side is desperately battling to hold onto ownership. One side is Mick and John, the other is Nikki, Vince, Tommy and Kovac.

Remember now it was Corabi who defiantly told all of us that Mick Mars was fired by Nikki Sixx and covered up the true story. It makes sense why Sixx took eleven more days to even confirm TMD’s infamous ‘double down’ story about Mick being replaced by John 5, and why the Crue used the top entertainment news outlet Variety to confirm my original story. There has been a sinister plot undertaken to ruin Mick’s name and legacy. TMD’s Rocket busted Sixx, Neil and Lee using backing tracks at concerts and Mick confirmed it’s all true, that he was the only one actually playing his instrument for real. The three stooges of heavy metal are “gaslighting” Mick and claiming he is a feeble-minded old man who has lost his sanity.

Now with word being leaked via Mars legal court documents, it seems the 72-year-old guitar great could score an upset and gain majority shareholder of the band, allowing him to fire Neil, Lee and Sixx, so he can bring back Corabi and hire real musicians instead of the “clowns” Mick carried for 41 years.

Did you know that Corabi was initially going to become an official fifth member of the Crue, even after Vince Neil agreed to return to the band in 1996?

TMD takes a closer look at the second voice of the Crue, the incomparable John Corabi, delving deeper into his true history with the band over the past thirty-one years.

An already rising name in the world of rock when he got thrown into the biggest band in the world at the time, Corabi explains his side of the story, that he was never intending to ruin the band by joining, but that it was more done out of necessity to keep the band alive, and once he was out again, and Vince was back in, he never harbored any ill will, even if Sixx and management fooled he and others into thinking John was still in the band… as a second guitarist.

In Corabi’s own words:

“It was funny because I went home one day, and I’m sitting there watching my TV, and it’s like that, ‘Boom, boom, MTV announcement!’

“And it was like, ‘Hey, John Corabi is out of Motley Crue, Vince Neil is back with Motley Crue, but the band is currently moving on as a five-piece. John Corabi will move over to lead guitar.’

“So, I’m like, ‘What the f*ck?’ So, I called the management company, I went, ‘Where did this come from?’, and they were like, ‘I don’t know…’

“So, unless they put it out and they just wanted to drum up some interest or whatever, I don’t know what the deal was.

“But that didn’t come to me, other than the fact that Allen Kovac asked me to help finish the ‘Generation Swine’ record.”

Do you see the running theme here? Corabi continued to be involved with the Crue, secretly, even after Vince returned.

Who was the first person seen with Mick Mars, during pre-production of Mars’ forthcoming debut solo effort? It was John Corabi.

And why isn’t John being included as a singer on the Mars solo album, after all? Is it possible that maybe he is already being groomed to grab the mic for the Crue again, once the Mars takeover happens?

Neil’s downward spiral over the past few years has been epic beyond belief, which includes him forgetting how to sing during a song and quitting while performing solo, to falling off the stage and breaking ribs, to using a teleprompter on the Crue’s Stadium Tour plus the assistance of a lead vocal backing track that he does lip-sync with to fool the crowds in 2023 who pay a lot of money to see the Crue trainwreck play live.

Crue fans have even demanded for Neil to be replaced, after he began to regress and fall back into his old ways of self-abuse with alcohol and physical torment of others around him, dating back to his killing Razzle and maiming two others in a drunk driving incident, including one woman Neil attacked for asking for actor Nick Cage’s autograph, to hitting a sound man, to trying to knock out a parking valet with a large pizza, to purportedly attacking Tommy Lee during rehearsal for calling the rotund vocalist “Vince Meal”.

You cannot fake being happy, and despite the millions the Crue is earning from their comeback tour, it is definitely starting to damage the legacy of the band, when your lead singer is failing on every level possible, including appearing even somewhat interested in what he is being paid well to do. Let’s face it, Neil could not even fake being a fake singer well enough to stop the firing rumor from growing into a major story. This is all his fault.

No matter what turns out from the Mars lawsuit, and court drama, the bottom line is there has been so much negative publicity exposing the Milli Vanilli-like scandal of prerecorded tapes being used at Crue concerts, that the band is going to have to fire Neil one way or another, to salvage the little bit of dignity the band still has left because the fans are growing weary and once you piss them off, it’s all over.