June 21, 2024

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ZAKK WYLDE To OZZY: “Where I Come From, I Swear To Christ We Snap Muthafuckers Necks And Beat The Living Fuck Out Of People!”


Well, it looks like ole braided Viking beard has now officially cashed his last meal ticket as lead guitarist for the Prince of Darkness! Zakk Wylde just went apeshit during a recent phone interview, in concern with the actual status of his place in Ozzy Osbourne’s band, by finally admitting that he has not been in touch with Ozz since the legendary BLACK SABBATH vocalist made a statement recently about his search for a new guitarist. During his expletive filled onslaught, Wylde raged:

“Where I come from, the bottom line is… shit like this that goes down, I swear to Christ we snap muthafuckers necks and we beat the living fuck out of people. It ain‘t cool!”

Listen to the conversation here. It is utterly mind blowing!