July 13, 2024

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Zakk Wylde Corrects Chris Jericho On Who The Greatest Heavy Metal Singer Of All-Time Is


It looks like ole braided Viking beard is trying to score some serious ass-kissing points with his former boss now, since having unleashed a verbal tirade recently against OZZY on a call-in radio interview with Oregon’s 101.5 KFLY. It all started with Fozzy vocalist/WWE wrestler, Chris Jericho posting this message today on his Twitter:

“Happy 51(st) birthday to Bruce Dickinson, the greatest heavy metal singer of all time!”


Zakk Wylde responded soon after by way of his personal Twitter by slapping down Jericho’s claim with the following statement:

“Sorry, Chris that would be Ozzy!”

Zakk Wylde is rumored to have now been replaced in OZZY’s band by Greek guitar wizard Kostas Karamitroudis aka Gus G., mostly known for his blazing work in power metal act FIREWIND, chosen by Ozz himself to play alongside The Prince of Darkness at the upcoming Blizzcon Convention in Anaheim, California (A celebration of the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo real-time computer/video strategy game franchises taking place August 21-22). It is not known yet which day Ozzy will be playing and introducing Gus G. as the possible new lead axe man in his band.

Gus G. was named as the third of the three best guitar players all over the world in 2003 by the Japanese magazine BURRN!

There has still not been an official announcement yet on who will take over Zakk Wylde’s spot on the
upcoming OZZY album and subsequent tours, but it’s looking like Gus G. could be the guy! That is, unless Zakk continues racking enough points by smoochin’ those beer-drinking lips of his up against “The Old Man’s” beloved ass!