June 15, 2024

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AC/DC – Release “Demon Fire” Music Video

AC/DC have debuted their music video for their track “Demon Fire“. It’s the latest single to be released from the band’s chart-topping new album “Power Up“, which saw a release this past November. That record found the band rejoined by vocalist Brian Johnson, bassist Cliff Williams and drummer Phil Rudd.

“AC/DC’s mammoth power-chord roar became one of the most influential hard rock sounds of the ’70s and one of the defining sounds of rock and metal. In its own way, it was a reaction to the pompous art rock and lumbering arena rock of the early ’70s. AC/DC’s rock was minimalist — no matter how huge and bludgeoning their guitar chords were, there was a clear sense of space and restraint. Combined with Bon Scott’s larynx-shredding vocals, the band spawned countless imitators over the next two decades and enjoyed commercial success well into the 2000s, scoring their biggest hits after Brian Johnson replaced the departed Scott.” – All Music