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REVIEW: TESTAMENT – “Titans Of Creation” (CD)

TESTAMENT has released a new studio album in 2020 titled “Titans Of Creation,” and metal fans will love the absolutely slamming collection of tunes. Kicking off with the rampaging “Children of the Next Level,” followed by the head rocking “WWIII, and the ultra jamming “Dream Deceive,” this effort has no doubt pulled out all the stops, in terms of songwriting and production quality. Vocalist Chuck Billy laws down the metal law, providing gritty vocals, while guitarists Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson throw down killer riffs for every tune. Up next is my personal favorite, “Night Of The Witch”, and the momentum does not let up with “City Of Angels” and the powerful “Ishtar’s Gate”. The drumming by Gene Hoglan all throughout is totally crushing. Point blank, the heat is turned up for the stellar “Symptoms”, and brutally good “False Prophet”. The album concludes with “The Healers,” “Code of Hammurabi”, “Curse Of Osiris” and “Catacombs.” All old school metal fans, along with the new fans will want to add this face melter to their collection.