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MORBID ANGEL – “Altars Of Madness” Reissue

Earache Records plan to reissue MORBID ANGEL’s 1989 debut album “Altars Of Madness” on May 29th as an ‘Ultimate Edition’. Featuring a ‘full dynamic range’ remastering, the set will also sport new artwork, the b-side track “Lord Of All Fevers & Plague” and their live album “Juvenilia“, which captured a 1989 show in support of the above-mentioned record. Pre-orders are available here.

“From its inception, the group’s leader has been guitarist/songwriter Trey Azagthoth, who has successfully maintained that Morbid Angel stick to their guns throughout countless musical fads during their career. Over the course of their first few releases, 1989’s Altars of Madness and 1991’s Blessed Are the Sick (the latter considered by many as a landmark release in the death metal genre), the group’s lineup consisted of Azagthoth, vocalist/bassist David Vincent, guitarist Richard Brunelle, and drummer Pete Sandoval. With Brunelle bowing out of the group shortly thereafter and replaced by Erik Rutan, Morbid Angel had come across what would become the longest-lasting lineup of their career, showcased on such albums as 1991’s Abominations of Desolation, 1993’s Covenant, 1995’s Domination, and 1996’s in-concert Entangled in Chaos, before Vincent jumped ship and was replaced with Steve Tucker.” – All Music