June 14, 2024

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Elizabeth Short, Jigsaw and Temple Of The Dog (Part 2)

Can You Handle The Truth?

“In the first installment of this three part report, I carefully explained to readers my explosive theory that LAPD is involved in a major cover up with regards to the murder of Elizabeth Short, aka “Black Dahlia”.

Did you know that early on in the homicide investigation of this young woman’s gruesome slaying it’s known that a purported ‘anonymous phone tip’ stated Elizabeth Short was killed by police officers?

I have detailed the fact that LAPD will not release the official autopsy report in Elizabeth Short’s murder, nor will they release to the media the purported “black book” that was found among her last possessions.

The first part of this thesis examined Chris Cornell’s tragic 2017 death and Temple of The Dog, which was not just a band he played in for a short period during his career… but the fact is that Mr. Cornell was also in possession of a black book that belonged to convicted pedophile billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, therefore I feel it directly connects him to both #Pizzagate and The Black Dahlia, seven decades apart. The evidence I will present is simply irrefutable when it comes to proving that Elizabeth Short was indeed a Satanic ritual murder victim. I will not only be able to prove it, I will prove that the freemason brotherhood, Hollywood and LAPD are the monsters behind her brutal death.

I will take my readers much deeper down the rabbit hole…”