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Elizabeth Short, Jigsaw and Temple Of The Dog

Elizabeth Short, Jigsaw and Temple Of The Dog

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

This report originally posted on November 14, 2018

(Part 1 of a 3-part report)

“There’s a reason the unsolved 1947 murder of an unknown
Hollywood wannabe continues to command our violence-glutted,
sensation-seeking, ever-shorter attention span—the artistry of
the hand that skillfully bisected, exsanguinated, and arranged
the two halves of her body, transforming a crime scene into a
surrealist tableau. As attractive as she had been in life,
Elizabeth Short was indeed an exquisite corpse.”

– Kathryn Harrison (author of The Kiss and The Binding Chair)

In the annals of crime there are very few individual murder scenes that are so gruesome and disturbing that even the most hardened homicide expert finds it difficult to stomach… the horrifying 1947 case of one Elizabeth Short…aka “The Black Dahlia” certainly stands heads and shoulders above the rest, in terms of an outright morbid death, this young woman’s unsolved homicide makes Jack The Ripper’s slayings look like child’s play.

The aspiring 22-year-old actress fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up cut in half. Her nude dissected remains were found next sprawled out alongside an L.A. area sidewalk. Like some twisted piece of abstract art, the dead young woman demanded the world’s attention… for her mutilated corpse attained exactly what she’d been dreaming for while alive… international fame.

There was a rumor that circulated at the time of the young woman’s death that she suffered from a rare condition where she was indeed a female living with male private parts.

As the story goes, Short’s autopsy has never been officially released, aside from that which we know from the inquest. An online researcher further examines this:

…”the fact that rumors of a physical abnormality still persist, it makes you wonder if the killer may have had an affinity, or some sort of reverence, for the hermaphroditic condition.”

It is my belief that Elizabeth Short was the victim of a Satanic Ritual murder and got sacrificed due to her knowledge of an elite pedophile ring. I will provide my readers with shocking evidence that points to a highly elaborate cover up by LAPD and an opportunistic police detective who later desired to become a ‘movie consultant’.

I will make a case for this crooked cop’s true-life story actually being the basis for the horror movie “Saw” where dismemberment is the main mode of killing victims.

“The perpetrator may have had some knowledge of anatomy… he wasn’t necessarily in the medical profession.”

Late LAPD Detective, John “Jigsaw” St John

Just as in the notorious case of London’s Jack the Ripper, I believe a ton of disinformation was planted on purpose by the police in the press to throw everyone off the trail of the real killer. I will attempt to make history as the first journalist to solve the murder of Elizabeth Short, and this one of a kind dissertation I offer my fans is undoubtedly something of a masterwork in journalism, for which I am very pleased and honored to be part of. What you are about to learn for the first time is going to be so frightening that it will leave a dark mark on your soul.

A newspaper reporter named Aggie Underwood claimed that she was the first reporter on the scene, although there is some information to suggest that actually a reporter from the Los Angeles Times was the first to show up to the carnage.

Here is her detailed description of what she saw that day on South Norton:

“It [the body] had been cut in half through the abdomen, under the ribs. The two sections were ten or twelve inches apart. The arms, bent at right angles at the elbows, were raised about the shoulders. The legs were spread apart. There were bruises and cuts on the forehead and the face, which had been beaten severely. The hair was blood-matted. Front teeth were missing. Both cheeks were slashed from the corners of the lips almost to the ears. The liver hung out of the torso, and the entire lower section of the body had been hacked, gouged, and unprintably desecrated. It showed sadism at its most frenzied.”

The coroner recorded the victim as Jane Doe #1 for 1947.

Furthermore, the victim looked to be drained by a vampire:

“Short also had received multiple cuts on her thigh and breasts, where large portions of flesh had been cut out. The body had been drained of all of its blood, meticulously washed and cleaned and had been ‘posed’ with her hands over her head, her elbows bent at right angles, along with legs spread.”

There was signs of cigarette burns located all over the corpse. She was obviously a victim of cruel torture.

In 1997, Times reporter Larry Harnisch penned a 50 year anniversary piece on the unsolved slaying:

“About 10 on the crisp, bright morning of Jan. 15, Betty Bersinger was pushing her 3-year-old daughter, Anne, in a stroller, heading south to a repair shop to pick up her husband’s shoes. Bersinger was looking down, concentrating on steering the wheels through the broken glass that covered the sidewalk in the 3800 block of Norton. “I glanced to my right, and saw this very dead, white body,” she said in an interview.”

The words of Mrs. Bersinger are just as chilling as if it happened yesterday.

“My goodness . . . it was so white. It didn’t . . . look like anything more than perhaps an artificial model. It was so white and separated in the middle. I noticed the dark hair and this white, white form.”

“It was the carefully posed remains of Betty Short, 5 feet 5, 115 pounds, severed at the waist. She was face up, a few inches from the sidewalk, just north of the middle of the block. Her blue eyes were open, her hands were over her head with her elbows bent at right angles; her knees were straight and legs spread.”

‘They were the marks of a sadistic lust murderer …and it was speculated that the killer either had medical training or experience with handling corpses in a mortuary — and a manifest fascination with death.”

– Piu Eatwell

It’s also said that Short’s rose tattoo had been cut out from her leg and inserted in her vagina.

According to the medical observation, the anal opening had abrasions from the “insertion of a foreign object and her stomach was filled with feces.”

Due to the fact that the entire Elizabeth Short police file, stored in the LAPD archives, reportedly got stolen or lost over the years… solving this case becomes almost impossible. How could this happen? Believe it or not, we’re just supposed to accept that it simply vanished into thin air.

Among the over 150 potential suspects, a former LAPD detective Steve Hodel claims his father killed Short.

What I have uncovered is a very sinister plot to hide the truth, and it goes all the way to the top brass of the Los Angeles Police Department. In this epic three part report, I will connect this woman’s 71 year old unsolved homicide with the deaths of late rockers Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, who I have determined were both killed by the Illuminati last year to cover up a multi billion per year human trafficking operation centralized out of Washington DC.

Both Elizabeth Short and Chris Cornell were said to be in possession of a “black book” that contained names directly involved in the child snatching for profit ring. I learned that Short was used by the ring to lure little kids into their trap. It is truly amazing to think that 70 years stood between both deaths yet nothing has ever changed when it comes to silencing those who know too much damning information.

Will Fowler, a former reporter for the L.A. Examiner, a newspaper which dominated the coverage from the start, stated that he was the one who closed Short’s eyes before police arrived.

“The Examiner, having brought out its biggest “Extra” since V-J Day, offered to transmit the victim’s fingerprints by the wirephoto system–if police, in exchange, would give the paper an exclusive on the identification. The next day, Short was identified from fingerprints taken in 1943 when she was arrested in Santa Barbara as a minor who was illegally in a bar.”

As if the moment was not shrouded in enough darkness, next the Examiner broke the news to Short’s mother with a disgusting lie: calling to tell her that Betty had won a beauty contest.

Talk about heartless moves, right?

So you have a dead 22 year old woman cut in half who had a history of drinking in bars around adults as a minor… and was said to be connected to a pedophile ring.

I will paint a much more grim picture for my readers as to what this young woman was really involved in at the time of her death, including devil worshiping, sex orgies and child sacrifice.

The following post by an anonymous #truther takes us further down the rabbit hole:

“Back in 1949, Hodel’s 14-year old daughter went to the police to report how her father and his friends, (including John Huston who tried to rape her when she was 12 at the orgy parties Hodel used to host for his Hollywood friends). Yep, John Huston was a pedophile rapist, and not the only child rapist director in Hollywood. Talk about Satanic underpinnings. I catered a party at Roland Emmerich’s home, and OMG! talk about Illuminati and Free Masonry symbolism…EVERYWHERE. It was creepy as hell. You know who else is a 33rd degree Free Mason? Opie… Ron Howard. In order to make his film, Apollo 13, he had to complete his 33rd degree. Anyway, the LAPD was a dirty, dirty place in 1949, as it still is, and they stopped investigating the Elizabeth Short case because they were so corrupt. The LAPD admits today they LOST all of the physical evidence, and interviews pertaining to the Black Dahlia case. The LAPD has a secretive occult division that deals with all of the occult crimes that take place. They serve to erase all of the signs of occult that occur in so many of the murders.”

Hodel claims his father, George Hodel, a famed L.A. area doctor at the time, knew Short before the murder, and that he is responsible for the carnage.

In the above photo, Short was photographed in front of a poster for a burlesque dancer and singer named Elvira Paga (aka Elvira PAGAN according to IMDB) who starred as herself in a 1948 documentary called Vegas Nights. She was also known as The Brazilian Buzz Bomb and the Original Bikini Girl.

In the next photo, Short can be seen photographed with a Temple dog.

This Temple dog is identical to ones in forecourt of Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Temple of the Dog was the rock band started by Chris Cornell and Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. Chris had been a roommate of Andrew Wood’s, the lead singer of Mother Love Bone. Wood died on March 19, 1990 of a heroin overdose, strangely enough the day Mr. Cornell got back from a tour.

My previous report on the current opioid epidemic in America pushes the theory of a covert agenda by Uncle Sam that is being carried out against the U.S. people, which purports that top name entertainment figures are sacrificing their own husbands and wives to keep their evil handlers happy.

An expert on ancient statues help us understand more about the Temple Dog and its meaning:

“Shishi (or Jishi) is translated as “lion” but it can also refer to a deer or dog with magical properties and the power to repel evil spirits. A pair of shishi traditionally stand guard outside the gates of Japanese Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, although temples are more often guarded by two Nio Protectors. The Shishi (like the Nio) are traditionally depicted in pairs, one with mouth open and one with mouth shut. The opened/closed mouth relates to Ah (open mouth) and Un (closed mouth). “Ah” is the first sound in the Japanese alphabet, while “N” (pronounced “un”) is the last. These two sounds symbolize beginning and end, birth and death, and all possible outcomes (from alpha to omega) in the cosmic dance of existence. The first letter in Sanskrit is “Ah” as well, but the last is “Ha.” Nonetheless, the first and last sounds produced by the mouth are “Ah” and “M.” The Sanskrit “m” and the Japanese “n” sound exactly the same when hummed with mouth closed. The spiritual Sanskrit terms AHAM and AUM thus encapsulate the first letter-sound (mouth open) and the final sound (mouth closed). Others say the open mouth is to scare off demons, and the closed mouth to shelter and keep in the good spirits. The circular object often shown beneath their feet is the Tama 玉, or sacred Buddhist jewel, a symbol of Buddhist wisdom that brings light to darkness and holds the power to grant wishes.”

‘In 1945, Dr. George Hodel purchased the iconic Sowden house, which was so confusing to most average mortals. There was nothing average about Hodel. The suave, brilliant doctor’s VD clinic catered to many elite Angelenos, and his friends included Surrealist artist Man Ray and director John Huston.”

It was at this VD clinic where young women like Elizabeth Short got connected to the perverse world of elite sin. Party girls and prostitutes by the hundreds would become potential victims for those monsters hiding behind police badges, movie star credentials and a doctor’s stethoscope.

La.curbed site post details the legendary Sowden house.

Hodel moved into the “gothic pile” only 2 years before Short’s murder. Did it serve as the killing grounds for a group of madman freemasons hellbent on desecrating beautiful girls and telling wicked lies to cover up their dirty deeds?

I can assure my readers that to completely drain all the blood from a body that typically it would not be done in a residence. Perhaps, the murder of Elizabeth did take place inside Dr. Hodel’s home, but I believe that she was transported to a medical facility, such as a the L.A. county morgue where this process can be completed without any unwanted attention.

My gut tells me that Steve Hodel is nothing more than a ‘smoke screen’ diversion all these years later. And “Jigsaw” St. John was part of the problem, not the solution. How could he have worked the case for 50 years and not connected the dots on Man Ray? Like George Hodel who was allowed to flee America, so was Man Ray, who split town for good in 1950, and that is the stone cold truth. If LAPD was so hot on the case, and so much evidence now points to Man Ray being this savage serial killer, why was he not stopped and his passport taken away?

As I stated earlier, my investigation will turn your darkest fears into reality. The fact is I am going to help educate the masses once and for all about the true story of the Black Dahlia Murder.

Steve Hodel remembered the “magic” of growing up in the labyrinth-like home during his childhood:

“Once through the gate, you turned immediately to your right and continued up a dark passageway, then made another right turn to the front door. It was like entering a cave with secret stone tunnels, within which only the initiated could feel comfortable. All others proceeded with great caution, not knowing which way to turn. Growing up in that house, my brothers and I saw it as a place of magic that we were convinced could easily have greeted the uninvited with pits of fire, poison darts, deadly snakes, or even a giant sword-bearing turbaned bodyguard at the door. Right out of Arabian nights.”

In his claims, Steve Hodel says wiretap/bug recordings existed that mentioned Dr. Hodel paying off police.

So if his father was paying them off prior to leaving the country, dirty LAPD cops like “Jigsaw” – assigned to the Black Dahlia case – gave the doctor immunity from prosecution to avoid taking down high ranking people like himself who were involved in the Man Ray pedophile/SRA ring.

While many will find it hard to believe, the harsh reality is that these elite members of society secretly worship Satan and use deception to cover it up from the public.

Online Dahlia investigator, Lawrence Russell backs up my belief that Dr. Hodel is NOT the Black Dahlia killer:

“He didn’t exactly “flee” as has been described; he went to Hawaii, at that time a U.S. Territory. There he obtained a psychiatry credential (make of that what you will) before moving on to Manila. The loss of income and the legal expenses during this period would’ve been significant. So he was one of the top ten suspects in the Dahlia murder and his house was bugged… but did anything come of any of this? Nothing. It was all guilt by association. Even “Dorero”, his estranged ex, denied that he had it in him to murder anyone when interviewed by the LAPD. She even denied that he was a surgeon, said that he was just “a medical administrator” and a VD specialist.

Pictured: Man Ray

In this three part thesis, I will prove that THE GREAT ENLIGHTENED SOCIETY OF OCULISTS ( a group held in higher esteem than the freemasons for they are the ultimate enlightened ones, are responsible for the murder of Elizabeth Short, and surrealist artist Man Ray, a close friend of Dr. Hodel’s who had given him a gift prior to the Short slaying that was a piece of jewelry called “Oculist” was the architect of the most sensational homicide in American history.

Dr. George Hodel is a patsy. Man Ray was known to stay at the Hodel residence quite often during the time the murder happened in 1947, including one time where he purportedly took nude photos of Dr. Hodel’s teen daughter… although nothing sexual took place, she said Man Ray made her feel uncomfortable due to his creepy staring. There is the strong likelihood that Short could have been killed during a ritual held at the Hodel home, in which an unsuspecting Elizabeth Short is murdered by the leader of the coven, who most definitely does not look to be the unassuming and frankly wimpy George Hodel. Although, Hodel did get brought to court on charges of molesting his daughter, that he walked away from a free man. Was this all part of him being framed by Man Ray and the LAPD?

Pictured: George Hodel

“The Oculist” by Man Ray

The “all seeing eye” has been used as the design for this work of art that now helps connect the
dots in America’s most mysterious unsolved murder case. It signifies the Illuminati and their intentions of world domination. They offer a new vision for the future. The goal of The Great Enlightened Society of Oculists is “a global peaceful coexistence of all nations, races and religions on earth.”

The way they achieve this is by creating order out of chaos.

It is my belief that Man Ray, along with “Jigsaw” St. John of LAPD, were members of this secret club, and that is why the Black Dahlia case was never solved. Their direct involvement is now impossible to deny, due to the fact that it has been established by Steve Hodel that his father Dr. Hodel practiced Satanic rituals with Man Ray in his home prior to the Short murder, and there is audio that allegedly exists which Dr. Hodel is caught bribing LAPD.

A lot of people still think Satanic covens are a thing of myth. I’m here to report that anyone who thinks this way is not only foolish to reject this notion… but are indeed living with their eyes closed. This dissertation I present to the world is not devised as a means of scaring the public with my bold opinion, I am only trying to help my readers to awaken from La La land and step back into reality.

Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor Karly Noel posted her chilling testimony (since removed by YouTube) of being offered up to a coven, which included being sexually abused as a child and witnessing ritual murders over twenty years ago. This includes watching a baby chained to the wall get stabbed in the head by a coven member. She is just one of many who have begun to come forward with the truth.