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American death metal veterans, JUNGLE ROT, are back in 2018 with their self titled studio effort, and I will be the first to salute this band for cutting what I feel is their heaviest album ever. I have always dug the immensely psychotic sound of this band, because not many in the metal scene can create such an evil landscape with their music. I’m talking this is the kind of shit that serial killers listen to when they go to bed at night. Lead vocalist/guitarist, Dave Matrise, sounds like the devil has launched himself deep inside his throat. He is absolutely putrid on the microphone… and I mean that in a good way.

Launching into the belly of the beast right out the gate with one helluva A-game opener, “Send Forth Oblivion”, the listener gets their face ripped off and fed to them. This is followed by the rampaging mad “Delusional Denial” and an even more raging pissed “A Burning Cinder,” thanks mainly to the absolutely off the chain good rhythm section of James Genenz on bass, drummer Jesse Beahler and guitarist Geoff Bub, who together build a mountain of grumbling madness under your feet, that will have you headbanging as if your life was about to be taken from you by an army of demons from Hell. Up next is the MK Ultra good “Triggered”, “Fearmonger” (featuring a guest performance by DESTRUCTION vocalist/bassist Schmier) – and the forever skull rattling “Stay Dead”. Horns up to engineer Chris Djuricic for doing a very impressive job behind the board, along with a stellar job of mixing and mastering by Dan Swanö (DARK FUNERAL, MARDUK). The next ear wreckers are “Glory For The Fallen”, “Pumped Full Of Lead” and one mean skull cracker titled “Twisted Mind.”

The final cut is an outstanding cover of KREATOR’s 1987 classic “Terrible Certainty”, and I particularly dig the way the bass sounds on this crusher… although, the wicked and full of sin guitar solo totally blew my mind. Any fan of hardcore or extreme metal will want to add this album to your collection, because in the world of metal darkness there can only be one


JUNGLE ROT – “Jungle Rot” (CD)

(Victory Records/2018)

1. Send Forth Oblivion
2. Delusional Denial
3. A Burning Cinder
4. Triggered
5. Fearmonger
6. Stay Dead
7. Glory For The Fallen
8. Pumped Full Of Lead
9. Twisted Mind
10. Terrible Certainty