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THE METAL DEN’s Battle Of The UNSIGNED Bands Contest!

Are you ready to scare the hell out of your neighbors listening to the hottest bands in the underground today? It’s time to crank up the new jams loud and proud from the rising stars of rock/metal! TMD wants to crown the heaviest band in the land. Do you think your act has what it takes?

It’s time for your UNSIGNED band to join THE METAL DEN’s Battle Of The UNSIGNED Bands 2018 Online Contest!

Don’t miss your chance to win a 1 year publicity deal with TMD Band Promotions, valued at $5,000!!!

TMD’s owner, Randy “Rocket” Cody, comments:

“I can’t wait to crown the new champion for this year’s battle! I know there are a lot of talented musicians who deserve to be recognized and simply are not getting help from any of the other rock/metal sites exposing your band’s music to the masses. This is all about promoting a happy and healthy rock/metal music community. There will be no ill words or beer thrown on one another. This contest is all about putting up or shutting up. Myself along with other judges will be listening to your newest studio recordings and seeing who is the baddest sounding of them all. Simple stuff. There is no damn fee to join this contest, and bands who join immediately receive a discount of 50% on all TMD Band Promotions services, including unlimited press releases, interviews and full time band publicist. Good luck and may the heaviest band on the planet win!”

Submit your music for consideration to: [email protected]!!