CHRIS CORNELL And LED ZEPPELIN: The Greatest Mash-Up Ever!

TMD’s resident remix and mash up master, Randy “Rocket” Cody, shares another gem. Check it out down below. He comments on the track that fans are calling “Awesome” and “Brilliant”:

“Late SOUNDGARDEN frontman Chris Cornell was in talks to sing for LED ZEPPELIN. I always wondered what Chris would sound like with Page, so I mixed a mash up and it turned out great!!”

“The legend that is Chris Cornell’s singing talent itself will now continue to stagger minds for eternity. Part howling shaman, part electrified hellcat, part bluesy preacher, this rare talent displayed a mega-powerful, raging roar that would thunderclap you into musical euphoria.” – Randy “Rocket” Cody

Originally finding success as the frontman of Seattle’s Soundgarden, rock vocalist Chris Cornell forged a successful career after the band’s 1997 demise, both with the supergroup Audioslave and as a diverse solo artist. Born in Seattle on July 20, 1964, his music career didn’t take shape until he was a teenager, when he began playing drums in a local cover band. After dropping out of high school and working as a cook, Cornell laid the foundation for what would become the influential grunge band Soundgarden by the mid-’80s. Cornell assumed vocal duties for the group, with friend Hiro Yamamoto on bass, Kim Thayil on guitar, and eventually Matt Cameron on drums.