PIZZAGATE: A Call For Action, Part 2


PIZZAGATE: A Call For Action, Part 2


By Randy “Rocket” Cody

Recently an incredible announcement came out of India, wherein they have now established “child rape” to be punishable by death. I sincerely applaud the lawmakers of that country and urge Americans, and citizens all over the world who are sick and tired of seeing innocence snuffed out, to make as much noise as possible to your local and state level politicians so that this law can be brought to our homeland and others suffering at the hands of pure evil. It’s so serious that I have decided to demand a ‘Call For Action’ in the matter of #Pizzagate, the modern child snatching for profit debacle with eerie similarities to PEDOGATE, the original saga of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) which reaches back nearly forty years in the USA, with Franklin Cover Up, Michael Aquino’s Presidio Daycare nightmare and McMartin preschool.

We are facing the worst human trafficking crisis in the history of mankind.

#Pizzagate became a national punch line when last year a “crisis actor” was sent in with support from the Washington Post and other Illuminati newspapers to pretend to be insane and try to shoot up the place.

When the late Seth Rich dumped John Podesta’s slimy emails for everyone to become ill by, it set the stage
for the biggest cover up in political history. One million times worse than Watergate. I am talking about a nationwide systematic media “black out” and the outrageous denial of the facts by the police and the POTUS.

It turns out that the actor who was sent in to play a role for the New World Order agenda knew the owner of the pizza place where online #Truthers said crimes against children were being committed.

James Alefantis is owner of Comet Ping Pong and Buck’s Fishing & Camping. As I understand it, he also owns Pegasus museum, which is where a lot of the controversy centers around, due to purported “kill rooms” that are said to be located there.

His former lover was David Brock, founder of Media Matters for America.

As the story goes, Alefantis’ connection with John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama runs deep.

Before I detail the fundraising Alefantis did for the Democrats, however, it is crucial to understand this man’s creepy pedophile music video productions and relations with a band that plays his popular Washington DC restaurant. The group is called HEAVY BREATHING and the singer named Amanda Kleinman, a cross dressing sadist who is allowed to perform in front of the all ages crowd.

A #Truth investigator explains more:

“James Achilles Alefantis works in producing “films” and “music videos” with Amanda Kleinman, the quality of which indicates deep budgets. As someone with a decade of experience in cognitive science and studies in perception, I can tell you the “films” and “music videos” contain highly professional hypnotic inductions and neuro linguistic programming techniques to induce trance states in the viewer and embed suggestions and commands. What is called “mind control” AKA “MK ULTRA” in popular parlance.”

Going by the name “Jimmy Comet” on Instagram, Mr. Alefantis has a history of posting very disturbing content.

Apparently a little girl named Lisa Irwin had been abducted and her pics matched the above Instagram photo that includes Mr. Alefantis holding the child. There is suspicious interaction in the comments that sets the tone as I went further down the rabbit hole.

This post on Voat connects the dots even more:

“Spanning from Anon’s testimony and its ties to Harbin Hot Springs, we have uncovered a network of ritual abuse, child trafficking and evidence of Project MKULTRA taking place at institutions ranging from Harbin Hot Springs and Esalen Institute in CA through Ecstatic living, HAI Global and the Human Potential Movement through to The Haven in Canada, Findhorn in Scotland and more. These organizations are tied via the International Holistic Centers Gathering to the United Nations via the Findhorn Foundation, GEN, and Kitezh orphanage and Ecologia Youth Trust. They also share mutual ties and ancestry through the Psychosynthesis Institute, Teens & Toddlers and ARK (a part of the Clinton Foundation) with Tavistock, the Huxleys and Military Intelligence in Britain and the US. Psychosynthesis’ founder then ties back through Alice Bailey to Lucis Trust and finally returns to the occult foundations of the UN.”

ARK has direct ties to not only human trafficking but organ trafficking too.

A BBC report from 2007 informed that ARK got busted for trying to traffic over 100 orphans.

“But the charity has been accused of child trafficking in the case of the 103 children it attempted to fly out of Chad. UN officials say many of the children are from Chad, not Sudan, and there is no evidence that they are orphans. Zoe’s Ark insists tribal leaders in Sudan told them all the children were Darfuri orphans. It says it wanted to save the children’s lives and was carrying out a medical evacuation – not an adoption operation.”

In another report filed by the BBC our worst fears become a nightmare reality:

“Their aim is to kidnap the children from their parents, to steal the children from their parents and sell them to paedophile organisations in Europe, and even perhaps to kill them and sell their organs,” one source said.

“The vast majority of the children are believed to be between three and five years old, with the oldest about eight or nine, and several babies no more than one and a half.”

The French Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Human Rights, Rama Yade, said: “I can understand the families, the French families who wanted to save children. But I don’t understand why an association decided, alone, to bring them to Paris. That’s why we completely disapprove of this initiative.”

“Our impression is that the majority are not orphans…” Jacques Hintzy told Radio Television Luxembourg.

Going on the record to deny they planned to sell the children for adoption, Zoe’s Ark says “it was given statements from tribal leaders that all the children were Darfur orphans with no known relatives.”

Often times the statistics of missing kids is misinterpreted by people.

MSN filed a new report that covers the child snatching problem and how the numbers are not truly understood.

It is said that in the USA around 1 million kids go missing annually. The studies show that 10% are never found again… but that percentage is really much higher. The FBI does not even record the national abductions.

“Those runaways are all too often approached by child traffickers quite quickly after leaving home. In fact, it may even be that it was a trafficker who convinced them to leave—posing as a peer online and forming a relationship that ultimately ends with the instruction to “Pack a bag and meet me here.” Once that happens, recovering those kids can be difficult. Especially when law enforcement views them as “just another runaway.””

“Human trafficking still exists… slavery exists in many different forms. It’s in every big city.” – Chris Cornell July/2016

Through research I was able to prove collusion existed between The Clinton’s pal, John Podesta and LINKIN PARK band via SE4ALL global initiative.

The alternative metal band’s vocalist, Chester Bennington, was found dead on July 20th, Chris Cornell’s birthday.

Both men were found hung from partial suspensions (means both feet were still on the ground) and no suicide notes were found at the scene of the deaths. To make matters more of a shocker, both men were cremated quickly before a second autopsy could be done.

Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington both worked with helping abused and neglected kids via their own foundations.

Mr. Cornell specifically ranted about the problem of “human trafficking” from the stage.

He did this at a concert weeks before he died and was even more adamant about his disdain for the billionaires running the New World Order at his final gig.

I reported last year that a source close to SOUNDGARDEN band claims Mr. Cornell stumbled upon some damning information concerning a “black book” that belonged to convicted billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, a longtime buddy of the Clinton’s.

Mr. Epstein was busted for having sex with underage girls at his private island retreat dubbed “Orgy Island.”

While he has denied any involvement himself, President Donald Trump, a longtime friend of Epstein’s was named in a rape affidavit that Trump brushed off as nothing more than a hoax trying to derail his political career.

I dug deeper and discovered that a witness indeed stated that Trump flew out to the island at least once.

This explains why the FBI, CIA and local police will not make a move to shutdown Comet Ping Pong so that a proper investigation can be carried out. What is everyone so afraid of being uncovered?

It is my determination that both Mr. Cornell and Mr. Bennington were sacrificed by the evil cabal at the heart of the child killing ring, and the names involved go all the way to the top, including the Vatican.

Mr. Podesta is also purportedly friends with Satanic performance artist Marina Abramovic, who conducts horrific rituals called “Spirit Cooking” with the likes of pop megastar Lady Gaga.

When Courtney Love’s named appeared in the book of Epstein’s inner circle, which includes Kevin Spacey and actor Chris Tucker, it is believed that is what set up the tragic turn of events.

My source tells me that a fight broke out between Vicky Cornell, a close friend of Love’s, and her husband Chris, that ended with a patch of his hair being ripped out before his last concert.

Financial records indicate that Mr. Cornell’s foundation to help missing and abused kids was being looted and it ultimately went black right before he was found dead.

What is Vicky Cornell hiding? Why does she keep changing the narrative of what happened to her husband on his last night alive?

One minute she wants a proper investigation, despite cremating the corpse real quick, and the next minute she is pissed that #Truther investigators like me are working on the case still.

The evidence now points to a double murder cover up being executed.


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