CHRIS CORNELL – He Lost His Life Fighting To Save Kids

CHRIS CORNELL – He Lost His Life Fighting To Save Kids

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

“Nobody tells me what to do. Anyone can do whatever they want,
I don’t care what it is, including burning crosses on your lawn.
I don’t give a shit. Burn your house down. Who cares? I don’t.
Just as long as it doesn’t catch someone else’s house on fire.”

– Chris Cornell, May 17, 2017

When I started writing about the death of Chris Cornell one year ago, I never imagined what kind of an impact all over the world my work would have.

The global response has been amazing, in terms of the support I have received from Chris’ fans. The outpouring of grief and confusion when he passed away last year was almost too hard to handle, so that is one of the reasons I decided to start the fight for truth.

Murder cover ups in Hollywood and the music industry have been going on for a long time. The one connecting fact in all cases I came across is the death date (or birthday of the sacrificed victim) fell on a major Satanic holiday, where specifically ritual sacrifice is the order of the day. According to the book “Weird Scenes Inside Laurel Canyon…”:

“Actress Inger Stevens’ death in her home at 8000 Woodrow Wilson Drive, on April 30, 1970 (Walpurgisnacht on the occult calendar), was officially ruled a suicide.

“Although, why she opted to propel herself through a decorative glassscreen as part of that suicide remains a mystery.”

For you see, everything that happens now has happened in the past. In the book “Weird Scenes Inside Laurel Canyon”, history has a strange way of repeating.

“Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson, singer, songwriter and guitarist for the Laurel Canyon blues-rock band, Canned Heat, was found dead in his Topanga Canyon home on September 3, 1970. His death was written off as a suicide/OD. Wilson had moved to Topanga Canyon after the band’s Laurel Canyon home—on Lookout Mountain Avenue, next door to Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash’s home—burned to the ground. “Blind Owl” was only 27 years old.”

“Within a year of Jimi Hendrix’s death, a reported prostitute-turned-groupie named Devon Wilson, who had been with Jimi the day before his death, plunged from an eighth-floor window of New York’s Chelsea Hotel. On March 5, 1973, a shadowy character named Michael Jeffery, who had managed both Hendrix and Burden, was killed in a midair plane collision. Jeffery was known to openly boast of having organized crime connections and of working for the CIA. After Jimi’s death, it was discovered that Jeffery had been funneling most of Hendrix’s gross earnings into offshore accounts in the Bahamas linked to international drug trafficking.”

How old was Jimi when he died?

He was only 27 years old. In the numerology study, if you add 2+7 it equals 9, which divides into three 3’s. If you double that as part of the Luciferian inversion it becomes 666.

Chris Cornell was found dead on May 18. The number 18 divides by 6 three times: 666, the mark of the beast.

Before he lost his life, his main goal in life was to eliminate worldwide abuse of children. That is a fact.

“Children should always feel like the adults are living in this world to nurture them, to take care of them, to protect them from any bad thing that might come.”

– Chris Cornell (“The Tavis Smiley show” September 26, 2011)

Mr. Cornell did not commit suicide, like everyone wants you to believe. No, he gave his life… battling a giant monster called PEDOGATE… and unfortunately, he was in way over his head.

Like all ritual days on the Satanic calendar, such as Friday The 13th and others, these dates are an important time to deliver Christian child sacrifices to Lucifer at 3AM. Many top politicians, pop singers and movie stars will drink babies blood with their covens.

As I previously reported, Chris’ good friend, Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK, died in the same exact manner as the SOUNDGARDEN frontman… on July 20th, a holiday in the Satanic religion called “The Grand Climax.”

My reporting won me a ton of international acclaim for my journalism, including being named one of the ‘Top Conspiracy Theorists of 2017’ by, so there is no argument from anyone it seems about the incredible achievement due to my massive effort put forth on behalf of the dead… who can no longer speak for themselves.

Why would Chris’ wife, Vicky, go on TV and mention her beloved husband being hooked on opiates 20 years ago when neither it (nor the drug Ativan, refer to the toxicology report) had anything to do with his suicide?

I feel she is desperately trying to sell a false narrative… just like the FAKE NEWS media.

All you need to do is open your eyes to what is really going on in America. Chris himself specifically ranted in the final months leading up to his death about his hatred for the powerful billionaires of the NWO.

As the story goes, Chris is said to have stumbled upon the “Black Book” of billionaire convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. This allegedly sparked a fight before his final gig with his wife, Vicky, due to her good pal Courtney Love’s name appearing in the pedophile’s phone/address book. Other names included disgraced pedophile actor Kevin Spacey and President Donald Trump.

The entire past year all that Vicky Cornell did to try and investigate her husband’s death is purportedly pursue legal action against the pharmaceutical company that makes Ativan, yet everyone knows that according to the Toxicology report there was a very little amount found in his system, so it would not have had any adverse effect.

The truth is Chris was clean and sober at the time of his death. The contacts in the industry that I spoke with about Chris’ state of health at the time he died tell me he was really fit and a big time health nut.

Vicky Cornell has invested more energy selling Chris Cornell autographed Christmas ornaments and trying to change the narrative to confuse everyone, along with allegedly attempting to generate the biggest payout she can get from her husband’s death.

I will tell you all point blank my feelings. Vicky has behaved absolutely sickening and she should be totally ashamed of herself. All accounts point the finger at Vicky for the foundation going black. Millions of dollars that were meant to help abused kids was looted to the tune of 92% of the proceeds went into buying extravagant items, again… that had nothing to do with helping children.

The word around the rock game is that Chris Cornell was going to divorce Vicky and that is what set off
the final confrontation. It is my determination that Vicky set her husband up for his tragic end.

By sending Chris off to his death, Vicky protects her friend Courtney Love being tied to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island” activities, and ensures that she does not get cut out of his money via an ugly divorce battle that would expose any fraudulent moves on her part, understand?

Vicky has portrayed herself as the victim, when all the evidence now points to her being the ringleader of her own husband’s homicide. Once Chris is dead, problem solved for everybody, got it?

Of course Vicky would not really investigate the matter and simply order a second evaluation of the corpse. What did she do instead?

Vicky rushed quickly before the funeral to torch the body in a shady looking move to destroy any crucial physical evidence. Instead of a simple cremation, however, Chris was taken to a different location (Masonic Lodge in Detroit) where he was sacrificed to Satan by the evil cabal that is running the game.

Think about it. Vicky allegedly handled the band’s business affairs, even above the band’s management, and she is the one who put SOUNDGARDEN out on a tour when they did not have an album to promote. In all of my years working in the rock music industry that is not something that happens, certainly not with such a big name like SOUNDGARDEN.

Chris was a walking dead man when he took the stage in Detroit on May 17, 2017.

All you have to do is look at the ripped out patch of hair that looks to be bleeding around the scalp area.

This wound is observed by the medics who arrived on scene and who pronounced Chris dead via recorded 9/11 call.

In that call, he states “Signs of head trauma”.

Based off my research, and the fact that Chris was not fully suspended off the floor, there is no reason for him to be bleeding from the back of the head.

9 rib fractures is also consistent with brutal kicks to the chest or being struck with a piece of furniture at high velocity while in close proximity to the assailant.

Chris Cornell put up the fight of his life in room #1136.

Speaking to TMD, a source close to Cornell has come forward claiming that he had uncovered evidence of a “cocaine and child trafficking ring” in Mena, Arkansas, that was tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

According to the source, Mr. Cornell had uncovered the identities of high-level Elites that were part of the same “Satanic Illuminati Occult Operation” as the Clintons and planned on exposing their “goings-on” right before he died.

Cornell’s death was officially ruled as a suicide, but his family and close friends say he was in no way suicidal, which has raised more than a few doubts about his untimely passing.

The bottom line. Here is the official forensic explanation for why blood spatters appeared at the scene of the Cornell death.


Produced with more energy or force than gravity.

The force of the impact causes the blood to break into smaller size spatters
relative to the amount of force.

This type of spatter is usually seen in blunt force, stabbings, and secondary

Produced when the majority of larger drops of blood are broken into smaller
spatters with diameters of 2 – 4 mm.

The force associated with this type of spatter is greater than 25 ft per

I also learned that according to IBTimes, “The blood that was found in the bathroom of Cornell’s hotel room, where he hanged himself with an exercise band, is not typically found in hanging cases.”

The source they referenced was a UCLA professor of pathology. Here is what he said:

“It’s very unlikely such large amount of blood found in a case of hanging,” Dinesh Rao, a forensic pathologist who has conducted more than 12,000 autopsies, told International Business Times in an email.”

I spoke with an anonymous detective who told me:

“From my experience in working death investigations, suicides very rarely yield any blood on the victim or around the corpse. The blood spatters indicate some foul play went down, but I would need to analyze the photos more closely to better determine what kind of injury this blood came from. It looks to be blunt force trauma, along with homicidal ligature strangulation.”

Earlier this week, the desperation of Vicky Cornell reached a new high.

She got together with The Detroit News and put out a ridiculous news article trying to get everyone to feel sorry for her. She goes after the so called “Conspiracy Theorists” like me, who make her life a living hell, because everyone thinks Chris got murdered now.

Maybe that is because I already proved Chris did not commit suicide, Miss Cornell.

At this point, We don’t really know what time in the morning Chris died, understand? MGM Grand in Detroit never released security camera footage so NOTHING can be verified as far as time stamps, okay? That means Chris could have very well been taken to another location and murdered.. outside where he cools down faster. Have you seen any photos of the corpse? Nobody has released one that I have seen. The DOA call says Chris is dead at 1:30AM but that is over 2 hours after concert was done.

Think about it. NOBODY can confirm if the kid who got the autograph in front of the hotel from Chris is even real.

He could be part of the psyop coverup. Another crisis actor used (just like in #Pizzagate) to confirm for the public that he saw Chris walk inside the lobby. What if that is not the case, and Chris got drove somewhere else first, killed, and then brought back to the location after midnight in a large suitcase so they could stage the suicide scene? Nobody was smart enough to point that out until me.

These are things that Detroit Homicide Detectives should be releasing to back up their claims, to properly inform the public so that we are all damn sure that no foul play happened in the matter. This is basic 101 police procedure.

And if there is no footage released yet of the bodyguard kicking down the door to go help Chris, why should we all be so quick to accept that narrative they are jamming down our throats?

After all of the trickery, story changes, and lies told (by TMZ)… honestly, I would not trust the cops or dirty mainstream news media to watch my dog alone for an hour, let alone be reliable enough to help solve a potential homicide.

Rock Feed covered the story on YouTube and one commenter nailed the situation with Vicky perfectly:

“She’s a publicist, she’s doing what publicists do, calling people who want truth & justice for Chris ‘conspiracy theorists’ & of course playing the victim albeit a year later! Originally, just to refresh anyone’s memory since she has changed the story & the timeline so often, she had him cremated days before his planned funeral (so that there could be no body to exhume ) to having that ridiculous ‘memorial’ at the Hollywood forever cemetery as opposed to Chris’ beloved Seattle. Hollywood was not Chris’ jam it was her attempt to mingle & ladder climb where she did not shed a single tear & in fact was seen laughing several times. She also gave a Rolling Stone interview the very next day & was at Disney world the day after that. Any normal person who loses their spouse suddenly could barely hold it together let alone have the presence of mind to give an interview. Originally she pushed the ‘he was depressed’ narrative & back then she said she felt bad that she didn’t see the signs of his depression until after his death. But when she didn’t get the expected outcome from that BS now she’s on the drug & ‘botched’ investigation narrative in an attempt to not only drum up public support & sympathy but also to get that insurance money she thought she would get by saying depressed & suicide a year ago. Also, I don’t believe for one minute that she cares what anybody thinks because she’s been way too busy this past year living it up, going on shopping sprees, getting plastic surgery, going to award shows, etc. on Chris’ back & dime. Do some digging & remember we lost Chris Cornell who was not only a rock legend but a kind & intelligent soul. He’s the one we should feel sorry for.”


Murderer of blue skies
I can’t wait
To never be with you again
And I can’t wait
To lead a life that you’re not in
And I won’t break
The limb they bend
From time to time
I can’t wait to never be with you again
Now, the truth will set you free
But all you had was lying in you
So you built a cage for me
All the while pretending to be
A living saint with a thorny crown
And me condemned to be your clown
I applaud you as you take a bow”

– Chris Cornell


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