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Dead Babies, Adrenochrome & The Most Dangerous Game

Dead Babies, Adrenochrome & The Most Dangerous Game

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(This report originally posted on April 13, 2018)

Goodbye, little Betty
Goodbye, little Betty
So long, little Betty
So long, little Betty
Betty, so long

– Alice Cooper, “Dead Babies”

People seem confused as to why it is important for the Satanic elite to abduct kids.

After my deep study into the world of the occult, I believe I have the answer:


It is the world’s most powerful drug and is essentially the product of adrenaline created from ‘fight or flight’ response in the victim…

It also sells for a lot of money on the dark web. 

Basically, at the height of terror, the little boy or girl is killed and then drained of all their blood, along with being parted out and harvested for the drug. In scientific terms: “…it is a chemical that is produced in the human body. When adrenaline (epinephrine) oxidizes. How is the chemical extracted? A potential victim is terrorized, thus increasing the amount of adrenaline that is flowing through their body. They are then killed, and the adrenochrome is collected with a needle and syringe from the base of the back of their neck and spinal column. Once collected, the chemical can be sold on the black market at exorbitant prices.”

I learned of a particular game these monsters like to play, where they place the scared child out into a dark forest and hunt them down in a sick death ritual called “The Most Dangerous Game.”

This cruel blood sport takes places on large farms and massive acreage under private ownership. It’s designed to make the victim more scared so they begin to literally “run for their life”.

Through my research I learned that John Podesta owns a pig farm… very close by to the Bohemian Grove, where known Satanic ritual killings have taken place in the Redwoods forest.

It’s said that his pal James Alefantis has a special privilege with customs when shipping “live art”, never
having to even show anyone what he is actually transporting inside the containers.

Mr. Alefantis is a chef who enjoys using organic “raw” ingredients.

There is a disturbing new trend of human meat consumption in elite eateries, such as the Cannibal club in Los Angeles.

Yes, he and John Podesta obviously collect strange pedophile artwork, but is it true they also enjoy hunting and devouring…. human beings?

No doubt savage homicidal activity is becoming more popular among the rich in all areas of the world. In the horrific Hampstead Christ School scandal, a little boy stated they made shoes for everyone from the skins of the babies that were murdered.

Nothing was done to the man at the center of Hampstead matter, instead the media blamed his wife, who was divorcing him, spinning it to claim she made it all up so she could win the children in a custody battle. So the public put all the blame on this poor woman.

If both Podesta and Alefantis are indeed members of an elite coven, it is my belief that they would certainly be partaking in some very dark and sadistic murders in the name of Lucifer. That is how you keep membership, understand?

And when the clock strikes 3AM on Friday the 13th, it rains blood.

Investigators point to a controversial video that surfaced which purportedly points to it being John Podesta verbally abusing a small child at Comet Ping Pong.

According to a voice analysis completed on the audio, it has been confirmed at a 90% probability that the
voice belongs to Mr. Podesta.

View video HERE.

It is well known that “Skippy” is John Podesta’s nickname. In the chilling video, the boy uses that same name.

Adrenochrome is said to deliver effects similar to a binge on speed and an LSD trip… combined together.

Actor/rocker Johnny Depp is a real Hollywood Vampire, just like his bandmate, legendary shock rocker, Alice Cooper, who actually wrote a song in the seventies called “Dead Babies”.

Depp starred in a bio pic over two decades ago as Hunter S. Thompson in the cult flick “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas”, and the mysterious drug he takes with a liquid dropper is without a doubt ‘adrenochrome’.

Man, talk about your classic predictive programming by the CIA, right?

It’s believed among #truther investigators that Alice Cooper, born Vincent “Damon” Furnier, was part of the Wonderland MK Ultra project around the time of the Manson Murders, under the handling of retired Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino. Many top rockers and Hollywood royalty, including Marilyn Monroe, held top secret clearance at the secret facility, that today is a residence that Jared Leto owns.

Mr. Furnier was known to have spent time in a government run mental institution. That made him the perfect target for MK Ultra, and the rest is… well, rock history.

On February 4, 1948, the nightmarish rock icon was born in Detroit, Michigan, the capital of Satanic covens in the USA. Young Alice grew up the son of a minister.

Joining up in a band with Depp was the perfect fit, for Depp at one time was very close friends with late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, who allegedly was the director of terrifying “snuff films”, according to Satanic Ritual Abuse victim, Paul Bonacci.

On Friday the 13th, this date is a holiday for Satanists, for they must feed their Lord Lucifer dead kids all over the world.

Based on the current estimates, between 500,000 to 1,000,000 kids get abducted in America annually.

Some kids are said to have vanished into thin air after attending parties or playing at the local park.

A lot of these unsuspecting kids live in a single parent home where the mom or dad is forced to work long hours and the child must ride the school bus home or walk the streets.

“The Finders” cult group, active since the eighties, likes to lure kids into their trap by driving up next to them in a van, even right in front of their own home, and open the side sliding door of the vehicle to quickly snatch them.

(Above Pic taken from Mr. Alefantis Instagram feed)

American Digital News details Alefantis business ventures:

“Some of the controversial posts on Jimmy Comet (Alefantis) Instagram account pertained to a pig farm in Emmitsburg MD called Whitmore Farm. It had me questioning the connection, farm, restaurant, trafficking/missing people. But I can see how a farm could be useful in many ways now. Some are pig farms. Great, cause pigs eat anything and everything. Organic seems to be the food of choice for them. Clean, healthy living I guess. I think other people know more about the organic connection then I. Also, many farms are usually isolated, private. Much like private islands. I just found it odd that so many seem to have gone into the culinary food industry and had farms. So Alefantis is connected to a pig farm. Ok. Then there’s some info tying Kent Ozkum as Head Shepard and Pig Herder at Whitmore Farms and he just so happens to be a pain medicine/ anesthesiologist!”

The investigator’s keen observation continues:

“so when you look up Kent Ozkum in FB, almost all the articles and post that are pulled up are friends of Alefantis….mostly all live in DC, and one reviewer or whatever works at THE DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. Thats a whole lotta federal love for a PIG FARM”. James Alefantis makes a lot of references to “oysters” meaning strong pain medication. We also found an article proving we were on the track of the same Kent Ozkum. Since 2003, Morrow, a former EPA scientist, and Kent Ozkum, an anesthesiologist, have provided humanely raised pork, lamb, and eggs to chefs. Is his buddy Kent helping him out? This first occurred to me a few weeks ago when I read that Alefantis owns a farm, and he’s talked about them producing their own ingredients for the restaurant. It’s all too convenient, the kids, the ritual sacrifices, processed meats. We questioned that if these evil people were hurting or molesting very young children, surely some are dying on a routine basis, right? Hard to think about it I know. But then you have bodies to deal with in a way that leaves no trace or suspicion. How better than to eat them or feed them to the pigs for disposal?”

Some looking into the matter, including myself, fully believe dead children are also being served as toppings on pizza at Comet Ping Pong restaurant and these strange parties where kids are exploited by these deviant perverts.

“Specializing in the preparation of human meat, Cannibal Club brings the cutting edge of experimental cuisine to the refined palates of L.A.’s cultural elite. Our master chefs hail from around the world for the opportunity to practice their craft free of compromise and unbounded by convention.”

“The Most Dangerous Game” was published originally with the title “The Hounds of Zaroff”. It is a classic short story written by Richard Connell, that was published in 1924. Connell tells the tale of a “big-game hunter from New York City who falls into the ocean off a yacht and swims to an abandoned island in the Caribbean, where next he becomes hunted by a Russian aristocrat.”

As the story goes, In the 1960s, a psycho named Robert Hansen moved to Anchorage, Alaska. The timid baker, who purchased a shop in an Anchorage mini-mall, quickly became known for his skill at hunting, a hobby he enjoyed on the side–in fact, he set several local records. It was not known until later, however, that he also hunted and killed at least 17 women between 1971 and 1983. His particularly brutal exploits and his trade gave him a well-known epithet after his crimes were discovered: the “Butcher Baker”.

Not all of Hansen’s victims were identified or even found.

Are we dealing with another “Butcher Baker”?

If James Alefantis is innocent why is the DC Police stalling a proper investigation of his business Comet Ping Pong, and the purported child porn that a hacker found on the company computer in 2017?

Why did Mr. Alefantis allegedly make a death threat to an online user asking him questions about the case?


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