April 18, 2024

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The bearded Viking from Hell returns with his super biceps of doom, killing it with a slamming display of sonic carnage, befitting somebody like Thor and his mighty hammer. Zakk Wylde’s BLACK LABEL SOCIETY wildly throws down 2018’s “Grimmest Hits” for your entertainment… as if their own damn lives depended on it. “Trampled Down Below” is the gasoline you need to get it all started, for nobody rips up the six strings like the baddest of bad, longtime Ozzy lead guitar player, Zakk goddamn Wylde, dig it?When you put in as much time knocking back booze, slaying sold out arena crowds around the world, there is a point in time when you could literally just phone one in and still get a pass. Zakk is that good. But this dude doesn’t just continuously show up to the dance with a satchel full of flaming hot riffs and bombastic lead guitar soloing, spitting out mind shattering licks that only Lucifer himself could equal, after a few beers of course.. he manages to find a way to always top his previous record.

Zakk is the boss, unloading more of his Southern feel on the following boot stompers, “Seasons Of Falter”, “The Betrayal” and epic “All That Once Shined”. On the latter, the extended solo is as good as it gets. The big guy on the six strings undoubtedly kicks you in the balls harder than your grandma ever could. Bassist John DeServio is standout from the opening cut all through the album, masterfully adding a heart-thumping low end without getting in Zakk’s way.

Up next is the majestic slow ballad “The Only Words”, up tempo rocker “Room Of Nightmares”, the gloomy “A Love Unreal” and solid “Disbelief”. The album comes to a conclusion with “The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away”, “Illusions Of Peace”, “Bury Your Sorrow” and finally, “Nothing Left To Say”. Any fan of well written hard rock music with stellar guitar playing will want to add this jamming collection of ass kicking tunes good enough for the entire family to sit around and headbang to.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY – “Grimmest Hits” (CD)

(eOne music/2018)

1. Trampled Down Below
2. Seasons Of Falter
3. The Betrayal
4. All That Once Shined
5. The Only Words
6. Room Of Nightmares
7. A Love Unreal
8. Disbelief
9. The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away
10. Illusions Of Peace
11. Bury Your Sorrow
12. Nothing Left To Say