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DIMEBAG, Uncle Sam’s Killer Robot & The 23 Enigma

DIMEBAG, Uncle Sam’s Killer Robot & The 23 Enigma

(Part 1 of a 3 part report)

This report originally posted on January 27, 2018

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

As my independent death investigation for late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist, Dimebag Darrell Abbott, moves forward, I am going to focus more on the telltale signs that this is a classic CIA backed MK Ultra operation that was carried out with flawless execution, by way of looking at the evidence provided by the police in Ohio.

When a local Ohio news station two years ago posted the morbid death scene photos from Dimebag Darrell’s mass shooting, they published one specific photo with a very crucial calling card from the Illuminati left out in plain sight.

Look closely, the number 23 had been used for a reason by the police and corrupt media who ran these photographs, okay?

The number 23 appears in many mysterious coincidences but only to those who notice it. The 23 Enigma is a belief that the number 23 is of particular or unusual significance, especially in relation to disasters.

I have compiled the 23 enigma list. This is a list of unusual happenings or circumstances commonly brought up as instances of the 23 enigma.

As I previously reported, the Alrosa had the classic black/white checkered flooring in the club where the massacre took place. And the Skull And Bones symbol was placed on the bass drum cover.

I also provided audio (since banned by YouTube) from the start of the concert where the man announcing the band says:

“For the lamb of God, here they are… DAMAGEPLAN.”

Did you know that each parent contributes 23 chromosomes to the DNA of a child?

A numerology expert explains:

In humans the 23rd chromosome determines biological sex.

The first Morse Code transmission – “What hath God wrought?” – was from the Bible passage Numbers 23:23.

It takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate throughout the entire body. Blood is a suspension and does not flow at the same rate for all of its components.

The Matrix Reloaded: in the opening code sequence, the final, most prominent number is 23, reversed as if looking from inside a mirror. The film was also released 5/2003.

Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times when he was assassinated.

The Knights Templar had 23 Grand Masters, the last being Jacques de Molay.

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 and his supposed assassin — Lee Harvey Oswald — was assassinated on November 24, 1963, the 23rd being in between.

Twenty-two organizations merged to create the “Department of Homeland Security”. This makes the DHS the twenty-third.

As the story goes, 11,23,32 and 33 are the most important numbers to the occult:

“Freemasonry has been gradually moving the entire world into the Kingdom of Antichrist — New World Order. This is the society where the ultimate goal is that from “The Christ” on downward, all the peoples of the world still living after the “Cleansing Cycle” will so spiritually evolve, that they will attain immortality on earth. The numeric symbol of this high degree of spiritual attainment will be ’33’, and the physical symbol will be the Third Eye that will open up physically between the eyes. This is the ultimate goal; unfortunately, to achieve it, a lot of people are going to have to die. The symbol to the left describes the tremendous amount of Witchcraft that will be required to achieve this utopian state, for only a select few are truly “worthy” to pass through the cleansing cycle to live in this “New Heaven and New Earth” over which The Masonic Christ will rule. Throughout history, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, and occultists of the day have planned events that they planned, in order to move the world ever closer to the final ideal.”

“If a life is taken close to the northern 33rd Parallel, this fits with the Masons’ demonic mythology in which they demonstrate their worldly power by spilling human blood at a predetermined locale.”

“This terrible concept is completely fulfilled by the bloody “I Witch” symbol, where human blood has been planned to be shed in huge torrents so that, at the right moment, The Christ may appear. Remember the Guiding Spirit vision of Albert Pike, January, 1870, in which the demon revealed that three world wars would have to be fought to establish the New World Order and its reigning monarch, Antichrist.”

The 33rd parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 33 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane. It crosses Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America and the Atlantic Ocean.

What I learned is that 33°0′N 117°17′W runs through the United States, hitting the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, get this, passing through the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

This is the area where Dimebag Darrell and PANTERA first began playing in the metal music scene, at spots like Joe’s Garage. Even more of a coincidence, I live only 5 minutes away from that location today, which is now a different business entirely.

The late owner of Joe’s Garage, Ab Greig, was shot to death in 2009.

Dimebag’s final residence was located in a city that is on the outskirts of Arlington called “Dalworthington Gardens”.

This is also where PANTERA recorded their final album “Reinventing The Steel”, in the studio behind Dime’s home. Although, Anselmo would not leave New Orleans to go record the album oddly, so he recorded his vocals at his home studio.

In Waco, Texas, just south of the 32nd degree of north latitude, is the site of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas. On April 19, 1993 the Clinton Administration killed adults and children in the Branch Davidian group at Mount Carmel, a compound that was roughly 10 miles away from Waco.

State Route 32, also known as SR 32 and the James A. Rhodes Appalachian Highway, is a major east–west highway across the southern portion of the U.S. state of Ohio.

It is the eighth longest state route in Ohio. It leads from eastern Cincinnati, near the border between the neighborhoods of Linwood and Mount Lookout.

Before the massacre at Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio went down, about 8 months earlier Nathan Gale reportedly showed up to a DAMAGEPLAN concert in Cincinnati, causing nearly two thousand dollars in damage when he got into a chaotic melee with bouncers inside the venue. No shots were fired, strangely. He was supposedly put on a ‘watch list’ after this incident.

However, my gut feeling tells me this was a ‘test run’ for the real deal on December 8th.

Being that Gale was a relatively new MK Ultra assassin they had just programmed during and after his time in the Marines, the CIA had to make damn sure that their new killer robot would be able to follow instructions and not have any flaws in his design. Once they put the gun in his hand and send him into the Alrosa villa there is no turning back. There is no more rehearsals, understand?

On August 19, 1946, Bill Clinton, the 42nd President, was born in Hope, Arkansas, at the 33rd Parallel. His parentage is disputed. As a young adult, Bill Clinton was a Master Counselor of the Masonic-connected Demolay. (“Demolay” is taken from the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, James deMolay (1244-1314))

32 is the number of total manifestation. It is Ichid – ego/self – the prism through which is projected phenomenal manifestation on the obverse of the Tree. 32 is of the Tree of Life.

“23 is the reverse of 32. Hence, 23 is the number emblematic of the other or reverse side of the Tree. 23 is the essence of the Tree of Death (reverse / non-manifestation / non-being / noumena). 23 ‘manifests’ by dividing itself (into being): 2 ÷ 3 = .666 (the Beast). As 666 is to 32, so 23 is to the reverse of 666 that is 999. – The Beast ‘made flesh’ is a reflection or ingress of 23 / 999 into phenomena as 32 / 666.”

An occult historian gives us the complete breakdown on the number 23:

23 -The Number of Physical Immortality

“Each of the prime numbers has its own identity. 23 is the number for physical immortality, everlasting life, eternal youth, and the secret of the Holy Grail. Prime numbers are those numbers that can not be divided by any other number. Other primes: 11 is the number of magick, 13 is feminine unity, 17 is masculine unity. The association of 23 with physical immortality has been developed in the writings of Aleister Crowley and Robert Anton Wilson. Crowley gave meaning to all the primes between 11 and 100. He felt that 23 was the frequency of the life force at its highest in nature, at the spring equinox. For mystics, immortal life is present in nature, and to find life at its highest vibration anywhere is to touch the secret of the Grail. Wilson, who is greatly influenced by Crowley, made 23 into his supreme number for synchronicity. It seems as if the universe has mysteriously placed 23 in many locations to act as signposts for the journey. Thankfulness is the quality of physical immortality. Try to generate this virtue in every environment in which you notice the magickal prime, 23.”

In the PANTERA song “Avoid The Light” the intro includes a section of ‘backmasking’ which means it is reversed, but when played normally you hear a very eerie declaration from Phil Anselmo.

Keep in mind, this is one of the last songs PANTERA ever recorded together as a band, for it was not part of their final studio album, it was used on a film soundtrack.

“Satan’s wrath is the only choice…”

The mind games that were played on the unwitting Nathan Gale are legendary.

“The subject is slowly released from the damaging uncomfortable hypnosis and it is replaced with positive rewarding hypnosis as “God and Jesus works in their life”. Soon, the subject has complete loyalty to Jesus (AKA: NSA) and will do anything on command from Jesus (NSA). The subject is required to give daily status reports in the form of prayers in the privacy of their home, office, or car where the NSA’s electronic surveillance system captures and sorts the prayers by “Keywords”. The NSA then delivers additional hypnosis in the form of punishments or rewards or directs the subject accordingly to ‘God’s will’. If the subject resist’s the NSA’s instructions, additional punishments are inflicted on the subject.”

After graduating high school in 1997, Nathan Gale was unemployed and continued living with his mother.

“In December 1997 she awoke early in the morning to find her son pacing the living room claiming people were videotaping him through their windows, which she believed was a delusion brought on by his constant use of psychedelic drugs. Weeks later during an angry confrontation about Gale’s continued drug use, he violently slammed her against a wall, which cracked from the force. She called 911 to have him removed from the home but declined to press charges. She informed him that he was barred from entering her home until he received drug and psychiatric counseling. She claimed to have found him repeatedly sleeping on her porch and told him never to step foot on her property until he sought professional help, which he still refused to do.”

For the next two years, Gale was homeless.

He survived by doing odd jobs, eating out of trash cans, panhandling and stealing.

In 1998, it is said that Nathan “was arrested several times when police found him sleeping on public property at night, and later for an attempted car jacking at a gas station.”

In 1999, Gale moved to Bellefontaine, Ohio to live with childhood friends. They asked him to leave when they discovered his drug abuse and he went back to Marysville. In 2000, Gale got back in touch with his mother and agreed to receive treatment, so he was allowed to move back into her residence.

She noticed that her son’s mental illness had become much more severe over the 2 years he had been gone.

Keep in mind, Nathan’s last address had him planted in between a masonic lodge and a police station.

Also, the Pentagon would not comment on what exactly happened with the Marine for him to go from flying through the service to all the sudden being labeled mentally ill.

“He couldn’t stay still, randomly getting up and pacing around the room. He also continued to talk about being spied on and hearing voices. Gale was unable to keep a job with his volatile behavior, so in a last ditch effort to clean up his life he joined the United States Marine Corps in 2001. According to Gale’s mother, he was discharged from the Marines in 2003 because the military had diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia. The discharge came only two years into his four year enlistment. She also said that Gale had a drug problem in high school, was obsessed with Pantera and that he believed Pantera had stolen and used his lyrics.”

Going down further into the rabbit hole, I learned ‘behavioral modification’ by Uncle Sam is real.

“The NSA’s behavioral modification process starts with identification and qualification of the subject. The NSA used to choose subjects based on the subject’s net present value to the agency in public visibility, financial resources, political clout, or other intelligence and counter-intelligence reasons. Additional considerations are given to minimizing security risks of exposure, the subject’s posthypnotic suggestibility index, the subject’s intelligence and reasoning ability, moral and superstitious beliefs, and the subject’s social status and the weakness of the subject’s primary support groups (family). Now a recent report referenced in the March 26th Business section of the Orange County Register from the National Sleep Foundation reports that 40% of Americans are experiencing sleeping problems. This news could indicate that the NSA is broadening its influence to the greater public. As explained below in this document, the NSA always starts its behavioral modification process with REM Deprivation.”

Less than a year before his fatal attack, on April 5, 2004, Gale had a fight with security guards on stage during a Damageplan show in Cincinnati, Ohio, causing about $1,800 in damages.

If he was on a ‘watch list’ why weren’t the police called immediately when Nathan arrived to the Alrosa Villa on Dec 8th and parked his car in front of the band’s bus?

“Typical post-hypnotic induced delusions reported by subjects are tingling in various areas of the body, which are thought to be resulting from microwave beams. Hearing ticks thumps or cracks from walls, ceilings, clocks, lights, etc. Beliefs that the subject’s neighbors are conspiring against them, or that the subject is being followed. Sometimes subjects believe that the various perceptions, feelings and experiences are the result of “Implants” in their body. It is important for the subjects to understand that the NSA controls this technology from nuclear hardened underground shelters and the neighbors next door have nothing to do with the subject’s experiences. Nobody has the time or inclination to follow a subject around with a microwave gun to tickle various parts of the body. We are saturated with microwaves all the time from television stations, communication satellites, etc and yet we do not have any symptoms because microwaves do not have the ability to trigger localized synaptic responses in our brains. Furthermore, when the subject is in a room surrounded by several people, and the subject is the only one experiencing the “thoughts”, tingling feelings, etc., then obviously a delivery method is being employed that affects only the subject; high-speed acoustic delivered hypnosis.”

NSA MK Ultra mastermind Michael Aquino will scare the shit out of you with his assessment:

“Correspondingly propagandists are assumed to be liars and hypocrites, willing to paint
anything attractive colors to dupe the gullible. As Jacques Ellul puts it: The propagandist is not, and cannot be, a “believer”. Moreover he cannot believe in the ideology he must use in his propaganda. He is merely a man at the service of a party, a state, or some other organization, and his task is to insure the efficiency of that organization … If the propagandist has any political conviction he must put it aside in order to be able to use some popular mass ideology. He cannot even share that ideology, for he must use it as an object and manipulate it without the respect that he would have for it if he believed in it. He quickly acquires contempt for these popular images and beliefs… unlike PSYOP, MindWar has nothing to do with deception or even with “selected” and therefore misleading – truth. Rather it states a whole truth that, if it does not now exist, will be forced into existence by the will of the United States. The examples of Kennedy’s ultimatum to Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Hitler’s stance at Munich might be cited.” – Michael Aquino, Mind War

The fact of the matter is Dimebag Darrell was taken out by the New World Order, and if y’all aren’t careful, you could be their next target.

Dime died with a handful of others who were simply random civilians caught up in the chaos.

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves:

ELF waves up to 100 Hz are once more naturally occurring,
but they can also be produced artificially. ELF-waves are not normally noticed by the unaided senses, yet their resonant effect upon the human body has been connected to both physiological disorders and emotional distortion. Infrasound vibration (up to 20 Hz) can subliminally influence brain activity to align itself to delta, theta, alpha, or beta wave patterns, inclining an audience toward everything from alertness to passivity. Infrasound could be used tactically, as ELF-waves endure for great distances; and it could be used in conjunction with media broadcasts as well. (Guy L. and Hill, Scott, The Cycles of Heaven. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1978)



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