CHESTER BENNINGTON, The Pyramid & Masonic Child ID

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CHESTER BENNINGTON, The Pyramid & Masonic Child ID

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

My research into the ongoing PEDOGATE scandal AKA “Pizzagate” has uncovered the Masonic Child ID Program via A Call For Uprising Channel.

Yes, the North American Masonic Lodges are now working with law enforcement implementing a new program to track your children!

Tracking us through our phones is not enough. Now it’s time for:


They want the DNA of your child on record! This is another direct tie to the pedophile rings that are killing an estimated 50,000 kids per year in America. WAKE UP!!!

Parents are falling for the deception, giving up all this info about their child, so the pedophile elite
can ‘body snatch’ them later.

Don’t forget. Beautiful three year old Madeleine McCann. 10 years ago sweet Madeleine disappeared from her family’s Portuguese holiday apartment.

The Podesta brothers were allegedly spotted in the area by eyewitnesses at the very same point in time in 2007, while they were both staying at the home of a rich pedophile buddy.

Keep in mind, after Chris Cornell was found hung in his hotel room, it was Brad Pitt (or Pitt’s handler) who released a story to the press that Hollywood preys on innocent kids seeking stardom. Like he was bragging about the fact that pedophilia is rampant in his own community. These people mock all of us Christians with utter delight.

Until you wake up like the rest of us, you’re just going to continue being one of their MK Ultra mind controlled slaves.

In a new interview, members of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS discuss late vocalist Chester Bennington’s life in music and struggles with depression. However, Robert Deleo, the bassist, finds it necessary to flash the masonic “pyramid” sign during the interview. This is the satanist’s way of mocking those who are awake to the Illuminati deception.

Crazier than that, however, is the new Chris Brown music video that depicts what looks to be the decapitated head of Chester’s late friend Chris Cornell, who I also believe was suicided.

Again, this is the Luciferian creeps way of mocking all of us Christians who are awake to the NWO deception.

It is the chief aim of the evil elite cabal to both confuse and terrify the masses, understand?

Digging deeper, I learned more about the history of this Illuminati hand sign.

“It first originated with what is known as the Phoenician/Hebrew Kohanim Tribe of Levi, also known as the Levites. This tribe was founded by Aaron, and was composed of some of the most famous biblical luminaries and lawgivers the world has ever known such as Moses and John the Baptist. The Levites were the chosen priesthood of Israel by King David who placed them in charge of Solomon’s Temple. Merari, the third son of Levi, certain of whose descendants were placed in partial charge of the temple music, aiding certain of the Gershonites, descendants of Levi’s first son, and of the Kohathites, descendants of Kohath, second son of Levi.”

The expert continues:

“They were overseers. “They set forward” the workmen such as the scribes, officers, porters and musicians. These were divisions of the Levites. Levites were drawn from all these divisions to aid in the repair of the temple. The Levites were the first priestly Knights of Solomon’s Temple and or the Templars.”

The Knights Templar is the Illuminati. As the story goes:

“The secret society dates all the way back to the 11th century in France. In the name of the cross, women were raped and murdered. Children were put to the sword. And it is said blood ran in the streets knee high to the horses. Out of this land of bloodshed and terror a group of men arose. Men that would stop at nothing to get what they wanted. No matter what the cost.”

Remember in my last #TruthForChester report, I mentioned that there are 56,000 masonic lodges in America.

In Michigan alone, where Chester’s good friend Chris Cornell was found dead after a concert, there are 400 lodges across the state.

There are believed to be over 4 million practicing satanists living in America today.

The most shocking statistic, however, is that reportedly over 50,000 children are sacrificed each year in the USA, according to late FBI head, Ted Gunderson.

All Mason members are told at the 30th degree that they serve Lucifer.

The expert continues:

“The head of the lodge is 33rd degree. At that level they are doing sacrifices and raping kids. Only the leaders know the true agenda and they are so demon possessed that they actively pursue evil to please the demons they serve. Freemasonry comes from the Kabbalah. The 33 steps of enlightenment are the 33 degrees. It’s Satanism in disguise. That’s why the church has been corrupted, that’s why the police, military and politicians are all compromised.”

I also wrote a recent #TruthForChris report which details the history of MK Ultra mind control and how it is being used by the CIA to control unwitting citizens to carry out diabolical acts to advance their own political agenda. The CIA uses low life’s to program and execute assassinations of big name celebrities on their behalf.

(Pictured: Chris Cornell’s bodyguard Martin Kirsten)

Whether it’s The Las Vegas Massacre false flag carried out by the FBI & CIA, or the sacrifice of a rock idol, the fact of the matter is The Illuminati controls all of our lives through non stop ‘fear based’ psyops.

The month of October is Satan’s month. And Halloween each year is a designated date for human sacrifice, according to the satanic calendar.


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