June 22, 2024

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Scott Stapp Was Concerned Mick Mars Was “Being Mistreated” Before He Was Fired (UPDATED)

TMD broke the story first that CREED vocalist Scott Stapp is in the running to take over the lead vocals for MÖTLEY CRÜE, although Nikki Sixx has not yet completed the double move to shake up the glam metal band’s lineup. Word coming out of Crue’s camp is that nothing yet is set in stone as to who will replace Vince Neil once he is fired soon for “insubordination of duties”, according to the source.

“They are leaning towards getting John Corabi back, but nothing is totally off the table yet with Scott Stapp,” claims the source.

*UPDATE 7/20/2023: CREED has announced they are reuniting. TMD is right again! A recent TikTok post about TMD’s first article announcing all of this back in January reached 260,000 views!!

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TMD also leaked the truth about Stapp still deciding to work secretly with the Crue after rejecting a full time gig with the legendary metal band. Stapp is being used to help them recreate Vince Neil’s vocals in the studio with AI technology, believe it or not.


The source goes on to say that Mick Mars and Stapp were never friends, but that Stapp holds a lot of respect for the aging guitarist and was concerned about how Mars was being treated by the Crue.

“Scott did not like seeing Mick get pushed around so much and expressed his disdain for the mistreatment of a person based on their age.”

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