July 13, 2024

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Why Is Chris Cornell’s Murder Being Covered Up?

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Why Is Chris Cornell’s Murder Being Covered Up?

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

The ongoing independent death investigation for Chris Cornell I have been conducting has now reached the three month mark. Today I will discuss the head wound debate.

“If the head wound is not written up in the report or the autopsy, there’s your answer,” Cyril Wecht said. “It was most likely a simple mistake by the EMT.”

A simple mistake? And you call yourself a respectable medical pathologist? That is the most disgraceful excuse I have ever heard in my entire lifetime.

The fact is the EMT that responded to Chris Cornell in room #1136 on May 18 was fully trained
to deal with a victim and make a medical assessment. Otherwise, anybody could be dispatched by the city of Detroit to respond to emergency scenes and try to save someone’s life, got it?

How utterly ridiculous of a statement that is to be made by a man that has many years of professional experience. He ought to be ashamed of himself and I feel he needs to retire.

George Hunter at The Detroit News tried to dismiss the EMT comment of “head trauma” observed, by saying Detroit PD had taken the audio down so he could not verify the evidence I had obtained online on YouTube, where even another EMT after hearing it went on the record to confirm it is authentic.

I have an ER nurse source who says that George Hunter is 100% wrong. She told me at her hospital
the coroner does indeed refer to the EMT notes.

All anyone has to do is look closely at the photos and video of Chris Cornell during his
final concert. He does have a balding part on top of his head, yes, which is normal for a man in
his fifties. But look closer at the photographic evidence and it’s clear to see that the
head wound itself is not a balding spot… it is located on the back rear portion of the skull, well below the scalp line.

A large section of hair and part of his skin has been ripped out. Upon further analysis, I have
learned that when hair recedes due to balding, or what is called ‘male pattern baldness’, all the hair
follicles in that region stop producing strands of hair. Hence, the complete balding effect, understand?

Besides that, all anyone with half a brain in their head needs to do is look at the blood splatter on the tub in the bathroom where Chris Cornell’s body was found. That does not happen from hanging.

It occurs from blunt force trauma.

In fact, a UCLA pathologist, much younger and more capable at doing his job with non-bias, went on the record with International Business Times to state that there is way too much blood on the scene for a suicidal hanging death.

(Photo Courtesy of TMZ.com)

Use your head. Look at the evidence presented to you. You don’t need some old out of touch celebrity pathologist like Cyril Wecht to tell you what is right or wrong at this point, understand?

I feel that Wecht must either be totally insane when commenting on Cornell’s case (he is 86 years old after all, elderly folks do become senile) or he has been paid by the Cornell family to make that false analysis, so they keep the original narrative of suicide alive and well. Or maybe he is just a desperate attention seeking media whore.

Think about it. Wecht was not at the scene of the crime. Wecht never saw Chris Cornell’s corpse.
Wecht is completely speculating. He is so far off the mark that I fully intend to expose him
as a fraud and someone who ‘offers opinions and facts’ however he wants, whether factual or not – and when it benefits him, to help keep him in the spotlight.

I do not deny male pattern baldness exists, also called androgenic alopecia, is the most common type of hair loss in men that are Chris Cornell’s age.

Hell, I am 47 and already suffer a little from it myself.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), more than 50 percent of all men over the age of 50 will be affected by male pattern baldness to some degree.

However, if you look at Chris Cornell’s head the area in question has a darkened pattern in the center that is not at all consistent with a balding spot. There should be no darkness showing up in that area if it is indeed an actual bald spot. I feel this indicates we are dealing with some type of ‘hair pulling’ situation, where large portions of hair were yanked out, leaving some unremoved in that same region.

Perhaps this is the ‘trauma to the head’ that the EMT in Detroit pointed out on the scene in room #1136. It could certainly have been inflicted prior to the concert and then re-injured after the show during some kind of altercation where Chris strikes his head in a fall or from taking a punch or kick.

Why would a trained Emergency Medical Technician make such a blatant mistake as to mention something so significant as observing “head trauma” on a human being they were being paid to help?

Essentially, Cyril Wecht, a near ninety year old elderly man, who was nowhere near the scene
of the crime, never saw the body, is going to call the professional medic that was there on location dealing with Chris Cornell a liar?

That is not just beyond spectacular. That is fundamentally wrong.

Are we searching for the true cause of death or trying to hide from it?

It would not be the first time you all were lied to on this case. Remember when Harvey Levin of TMZ
said the 9 rib fractures Chris suffered was par for the course when getting CPR?

Yes, Harvey said 10 fractures is the median for each CPR patient and that rib fractures occurs at 90% fracture frequency, according to AHA.

Well, I learned he told a big lie after I contacted American Heart Association in Dallas, Texas last week and they told me that there is no way Harvey got those statistics from them because they did not publish anything about fracture rate frequency in their latest handbook.

The truth is rib fractures happen only 3 times out of 10 in CPR patients. And the average number
of fractures is 3.

How these notable professionals can get away with telling one sensational lie after another is
not only mind blowing to me, it should truly scare the shit out of everyone.

Why are they telling these lies? What are they really hiding from all of us?

The fact is if Chris bashed his head on the door while convulsing during hanging….his blood would have been on the door. His blood splatter was found on the floor in front of the tub and directly sprayed onto it.

Don’t forget my highly credible locksmith expert, with 28 years of law enforcement experience, told me that there should be much more ‘visual damage’ seen on the door latch, the door frame and the door itself if the bodyguard did indeed kick his way through a fully engaged security ‘swing latch’ system.

Door #1136


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