July 13, 2024

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CHRIS CORNELL – Expert: “Too Much Blood For Hanging!”

TMD Fights For Chris!

TMD has learned that a tool used for bypassing the swing latch inside a hotel room is available on the market and it tells us much more about how much damage is indeed done when trying to
break into a room that is latched shut from inside as Chris Cornell’s bodyguard, Martin Kirsten,
claims when he busted his way into room #1136.

“The Lock Jockey flip-latch bypass tool can and has been used by Law Enforcement Professionals in situations of check welfare calls, search warrants, arrest warrants, room overstays, drug labs in hotels and many more scenarios. In non-dynamic entry situations the Lock Jockey can be quickly and effectively deployed to minimize risk of damage to doors and their locking components. The tool does not disengage primary locking mechanisms. However, it quickly and effectively disengages the flip-latch in mere seconds. Generally Law Enforcement Professionals are able to obtain a secondary key card or key to the room they need to access. The trouble comes when, after swiping the key card or using the key to disengage the primary locking mechanism, the flip latch is found to be engaged. This is an obvious sign that the room is occupied. In the past, officers had no choice but to force the door open in order to gain entry into the room.

This would cause considerable damage to doors and door frames, potentially costing the agency or the property hundreds of dollars in repair fees.

Utilization of the Lock Jockey to disengage the flip-latch mitigates the potential damage saving hundreds of dollars on a single deployment. It is easy to see that the Lock Jockey flip-latch bypass tool more than pays for itself in a single use!”

So as you can easily see, the experts who designed and manufactured a product that specifically
is the only option one has to open a latched shut door from the outside confirm more damage will be seen, understand?

There is no possible way that Martin Kirsten does that little damage to the door of room #1136
bypassing an engaged from inside the room swing latch. He is obviously not telling us the truth.

Also, TMD has also debunked The Detroit News claim that they did swab tests of Martin Kirsten
within the first 24 hours and cleared him. The fact is most genetic tests take 24-72 hours minimum.

If you look closely the person being swabbed does not wear a year round tan like bodyguard Martin Kirsten does and he has wimpy wrists and looking closer… he has hair on his arms. Martin Kirsten does not. The blue police band is a dead giveaway. Was this swab sample fabricated by Detroit PD after the fact, once TMD’s death investigation began to blow giant holes in their ruling of suicide?

Nor could the Detroit PD have obtained critical cell phone records that fast either, especially it
being 2 in the morning when they arrived on the scene.

How can the public trust any information that comes out of the city of Detroit right now?

Celeb gossip site TMZ posted the above photo online recently, depicting blood on what appears to be the outside of the bathroom door. According to two medical experts consulted, there will typically be ‘very little to no blood’ found on the scene if the victim has truly died due to suicide by hanging. 99% of the time it always is homicidal ligature strangulation. Those are the facts. There is also a smudge of blood found on the bathroom floor that police say happened when Chris was moved during the investigation.

Yesterday TMD obtained a purported photo of blood on the carpet of the hotel room but fans think it is likely a fake. Although, other fans say they indeed saw it online at Daily Mail before it was mysteriously pulled down, and that they thought it certainly looks like blood.

What matters the most is that the blood in the bathroom and on the door itself is very telling. Not only should it not be there in significant amount if any… but it’s everywhere. It’s on the door, the floor, running out of Chris’ mouth, there is blood splatter.. it’s a mess.

Today, Maria Vulaggio of International Business Times learned from a practicing doctor of pathology that blood is not supposed to ever be found in a large amount if at all in a suicide by hanging scene.

“It’s very unlikely such large amount of blood found in a case of hanging,” Dinesh Rao, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UCLA, told International Business Times in an email.”