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CHRIS CORNELL, The Detroit News & Fabricated Suicide!

TMD Fights For Truth!

CHRIS CORNELL, The Detroit News & Fabricated Suicide
(This report originally posted on August 7, 2017)
By Randy “Rocket” Cody

In my opinion, The Detroit News crime reporter, George Hunter, is either really bad at doing his job or he is helping obstruct what looks to be a potential homicide case. I believe the evidence I am about to put forth will back up this bold claim tenfold.

During my own independent investigation, that mainly includes heavy forensic analysis, and has now gone viral, I have spoken directly with a dozen medical and police experts who have helped me arrive at my conclusion.

Now that my investigation has been exposed to literally hundreds of millions globally, it is very important that I help everyone understand where I am at currently in my investigation.

Let me first say that I feel 100% correct in reporting today that late SOUNDGARDEN frontman Chris Cornell did not commit suicide.

He was murdered.

I will carefully, point by point, show you the most critical evidence that now suggests Chris Cornell is the victim of homicidal ligature strangulation. This evidence I have compiled I’m told is irrefutable in a court of law.

It is my opinion, after meticulously going over the scene where Chris’ body was found on May 18th at the MGM Grand hotel in Detroit, and due to the evidence of large amounts of blood on the scene, this 52 year old man who had just finished performing at a sold out rock concert that night did not end his life by his own hands as everyone is so quick to believe.

It is now a general consensus among my team of experts that some type of a fight took place in room #1136.

The large amount of blood observed in the bathroom is not normally seen in suicide by hanging cases.

A doctor of pathology at UCLA already confirmed that with International Business Times last month.

(Photo Courtesy of TMZ)

Look closely at the blood on the tub. Even if blood had come out of Chris’ mouth, it would not have left the spray pattern as you see from telling blood splatter seen on the tub, according to forensic science.

The head wound clearly evident in the video of the last SOUNDGARDEN concert, indicates some kind of pre-existing head trauma around the scalp, a big bump with blood and a missing chunk of hair that was possibly injured again during the late rock legend’s fight for his life in room #1136.

Yet, somehow Detroit medical examiner Theodore Brown DOES NOT observe this same wound on the victim – as the rest of the world has – during the official autopsy, remarking that no damage at all was done to the scalp area.

Either Mr. Brown needs new glasses or this guy is the worst coroner working today on planet earth.

Also, George Hunter is now trying to defend the Detroit PD for only doing finger swabs of bodyguard Martin Kirsten’s hands and not ‘nail clippings’ as are typically done. What is the point of arguing about that when the fact is:

The swabs for DNA from Martin Kirsten’s hands were NEVER even sent to the lab for analysis!

Again, George Hunter of The Detroit News is either the worst crime reporter of all time or he is purposefully trying to help change the narrative and importance of evidence as it relates to a potential homicide case.

A suicide ruling was reached so fast in this matter that nobody took the time to carefully examine
all of the forensic evidence. Not George Hunter. Not the Detroit PD. Not the Detroit coroner. Not Chris Cornell’s wife. NOBODY!

Every homicide expert I have spoken with directly tells me that on a hanging case you always assume it is a homicide until proven differently.

The Detroit PD I feel rushed to judgment and botched this case, like they do
on many others in the past decade. I have provided evidence to my readers that the Detroit morgue is seriously understaffed itself and that ‘not enough attention to detail’ allows for big time mistakes to happen.

Yet, sites like Snopes (under investigation for fraud) is going to call my reporting FAKE NEWS?

That is not only an insult to my intelligence, but frankly you besmirch every journalist working today,
who like myself, is merely reporting the facts.

Keep in mind, on the social platform Twitter alone my Tweets have earned 5 million impressions. A lot of people around the world see the foul play clear as day that I feel is happening in this case. They just needed someone honest like me to help them read between the bullshit, so they know the real facts and not be exposed to one lie after the next perpetuated by the mainstream news media, who themselves have become the poster child for FAKE NEWS!

How blatantly mishandled was Chris Cornell’s investigation? It doesn’t get much worse, that I can tell you from all the research I have done. This is without a doubt the biggest botched murder case of all time I feel. When all’s said and done, this cover up will rock the very foundation of the news
reporting industry in America.

How bad is it?

Take for example, post mortem ‘Tardieu spots’ commonly mistaken for the more pin point blood hemorrhages called Petechiae, rarely seen, which is what Chris Cornell displayed in his eyes and are consistent with a person who fought for their lives while being intensely strangled to death.

(Pictured: Not Chris Cornell, Example Of Pin-Point Eye Bleeding)

According to the forensic science, there are associated physical evidences of traumatic asphyxia which can often be easily visibly identified in conjunction with ligature strangulation. Petechiae are often present on the victim, Because veins are normally at lower pressure than arteries, traumatic injuries from an offending force to the neck(i.e. -ligature strangulation) cause an increase in venous pressure and an increase in capillary pressure that then causes damage to the inner walls of those capillaries. This damage produces minute points of bleeding which can be visible as pinpoint hemorrhages in the softer tissues.

And the 911 ‘pronouncement audio’ that I found on YouTube that George Hunter and Detroit PD fought me on accepting as evidence, is completely dismissed once I point out the medic making shocking remarks: “Signs of strangulation'”, “Head Trauma” and “Cold to the touch”.

George Hunter’s excuse to me was that the medics comments over the scanner are not important
to the investigation. Yet, my medical expert, an ER nurse, says, “Not true, the coroner at her hospital always looks at the scanner remarks from the medic..”

The other day, famed Navy Seal, Craig Sawyer, posted an article with an actual police dispatch professional who confirmed that the 911 ‘pronouncement audio’ is definitely the real deal.

“As the director of communications for Bexar county… with 21 years working as an EMS… this sounds like a voice print of radio traffic.”

Why it was pulled down suspiciously by Detroit PD and dismissed by George Hunter who both seem to want to defiantly battle allowing its own admission in the case, when more and more evidence points to foul play, is beyond me at this point.

Instead they respond by posting the first 911 call… and totally bury the damning 911 pronouncement of death call made later by the second team of medics on the scene at 1:30AM.

Why? What are they trying to hide?

The Detroit News editor Gary Mile has completely ignored any evidence I have sent him about
the locksmith expert (with 28 years of law enforcement experience) who says that according to
the pictures of the busted door taken by Detroit PD, there is no way the bodyguard Martin Kirsten forcefully kicked his way into room #1136 as he claims, because there would be much more damage to the door latch/strike plate, door jamb and the door itself. Remember, this is a steel reinforced door with a safety latch engaged on the inside, as the bodyguard claims. That ‘swing latch’ has been on the market over 60 years. That is because it does the job as advertised, got it?

If this lock just busted easily somehow from a handful of kicks hotels would have stopped using them decades ago. Think about it.

My locksmith expert, the man whose company invented a product that is used by hotels to remove that inside latch from outside, to save from costly door repairs, states in his testimony that “Seasoned police he knows have to use a police battering ram 8 times to get the closed door open in that type of situation and a ton of physical damage is done to the door.

9 rib fractures. The fact is that the Detroit News and TMZ are both stating incorrect facts when it comes to reporting the frequency of broken ribs when CPR is done and the number of ribs fractured. They never provide any links to their data… or any official wording. They just blurt out “the American Heart Association says”. Well, show us that report. I always provide links and forensic studies to
back up everything I put out to the public, right?

“We like To Tell Lies Here At TMZ!

The truth is the true medical data states that only 3 out of every 10 CPR patients suffers rib fractures during CPR and they sustain around 1-3 ribs busted ribs on average.

The data both TMZ & Detroit News gave of 90 percent fracture rate and 10 median ribs busted is not
only wrong it is beyond ludicrous. I feel it is clear evidence that big mainstream news outlets are being extremely deceptive and are outright lying to their readers. Thankfully, I was able to confirm with the Stephanie Brown of AHA today via email that Harvey and TMZ are pushing fake news big time. Here is the official word:

“The AHA 2015 Guidelines for CPR and ECC do not provide data suggesting rib fracture rates and they do not provide statistics for rib fracture frequency. Thus, the AHA is unable to confirm the information that was quoted by the sources you provided in your inquiry.”

There you have it. TMZ and The Detroit News are both being deceptive and are obviously in
on the cover-up together.

After all, it is the bodyguard’s own company website that paints him guilty. Kirsten claims to keep an eye on his client’s safety at all times… yet when Chris Cornell is potentially relapsing on a drug binge in his room, as the wife reportedly becomes distraught over, the bodyguard gives him more dangerous drugs to put into his system?

Not only does that not make any sense, but it proves absolute negligence on his part, right?

And why would Chris Cornell’s wife Vicky not step forward and say “Hey, maybe the bodyguard
does need to be investigated further!”… at the very least questioned about the fact that he
left Chris alone and went back to his own room, leaving the rock star to die.

Instead what does she do? Vicky quickly cremates Chris Cornell’s body before the funeral service.
“He didn’t want to die,” Vicky was quoted saying in a June 30 article. “If he was of sound mind, I know he wouldn’t have done this.”

Yet, we now know the fact is there wasn’t enough Ativan in Chris’ system to cause ‘suicidal thoughts’ anyway because doctors say in all documented cases there is not ONE suicide attempt or death below 300 ng/ML of Ativan in a victim’s system.

Chris was at 200. That is a fact.

For someone who is so concerned for her husband, and even stated to the media she doesn’t
believe Chris intentionally took his own life, her behavior certainly does not befit a mourning widow who wants to truly get to the bottom of things, understand?

When I last spoke with editor Gary Miles of The Detroit News he said my latest finding in Chris Cornell’s case that I had sent him about the locksmith expert was “interesting”. I spoke to him more about the idea of doing a follow up on the new investigation concerning LINKIN PARK vocalist Chester Bennington. He explained to me that George Hunter was going on vacation, he asked for my number again, confirmed it with me, and said someone else from the newsroom would get back with me.

I simply Tweeted out that updated info to my followers on Twitter and then the next morning
Gary cancels the interview with me for no good reason. And then he goes on Twitter and lies about it by telling people asking him questions to just go ask Randy Cody questions about the case.

Wait a minute. Aren’t you the managing editor of the 10th most read online newspaper in America?

Why should I have to do your job? Why do I have to keep doing the investigative work that the Detroit police should have done? Why am I cleaning up the disgraceful mess of a botched autopsy by Theodore Brown?

How about you people start doing the job you are paid to do?

I am not earning any money for the past 2 months I have dedicated myself to finding out the truth.

I mean, it doesn’t seem odd to anyone but me that Chris Cornell’s close friend, a fellow rock star, Chester Bennington, the Godfather of one of his kids, is found dead practically the same exact manner as Chris and on Chris’ first birthday since Chris himself was found dead due to hanging only 2 months prior?

Just a coincidence, huh? Yet, Chester himself said in one of his last interviews that he hated pain and since healing from breaking his leg, that to get a tattoo he would need heavy drugs so he did not feel any pain.

And the only thing found on the scene is a partially consumed bottle of alcohol. No drugs?

According to the official site for the American Heart Association, whose headquarters is located in Dallas,Texas, each year, over 350,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the USA.

Knowing how to Give Hands-Only’ CPR is critical to being able to save a life. The expert advice is:

“If you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse, call 911 and push hard and fast in the center of the chest to the beat of any tune that is 100 to 120 beats per minute. Immediate CPR can double or even triple a person’s chance of survival.”

Hands-Only CPR is CPR without mouth-to-mouth breaths. It is recommended for use by people who see a teen or adult suddenly collapse in an “out-of-hospital” setting (such as at home, at work or in a park). It consists of two easy steps:

Call 9-1-1 (or send someone to do that).
Push hard and fast in the center of the chest.

The American Heart Association continues:

“People who have had CPR training are more likely to do high quality chest compressions.”

Therefore the chance for injury is greatly reduced.

In a study conducted for Chest injury following cardiopulmonary resuscitation:

“We enrolled 71 patients between 1 January 2011 and 30 June 2011. Rib and sternal fractures were diagnosed in 22 and 3 patients, respectively. Females were more susceptible to rib fracture.

71 patients. 22 suffer rib fractures. That equals 31%.

Older age and longer CPR are significantly associated with incidence of rib fractures, multiple rib fractures, and number of rib fractures.

Correct performance of chest compressions according to guidelines is the best way to avoid serious injury.

Oddly enough, in my lengthy research I came across this past 2015 case in Michigan that authorities first called a suicide, because it was staged to look that way, but after a proper autopsy examination and complete investigation the case was changed into a homicide.


Are you tired of being lied to? Complain to THE DETROIT NEWS Editor and Publisher:

Jonathan Wolman (313) 222-2110

email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Also, make sure to contact Sgt. Michael Woody. He claims to have “triple checked” all the evidence, according to George Hunter.

Police Sergeant / Public Information Officer for the Detroit Police Department

Phone Detroit Police:

And don’t forget to register your complaint with Detroit Congressman John Conyers:

Congressman John Conyers/Detroit Office
669 Federal Bldg.
231 W. Lafayette
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: (313) 961-5670
Fax: (313) 226-2085

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