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CHRIS CORNELL, His Bodyguard & The Failure To Protect!


(This report originally posted on July 17, 2017)

According to the police report for Chris Cornell’s death on May 18 at the MGM Grand hotel in Detroit, bodyguard Martin Kirsten under employment listed ‘Battalion Protection Group’ when he was interviewed by homicide detectives.

TMD has learned Martin Kirsten is reportedly actually the President of Battalion Protection Group. The company lists only 1 employee.

Here are some of the promotional claims by Kirsten’s company:

“We specialize in emergency security. Licensed, armed and insured.”

“Situational awareness and acute perception is at our core values.”

“Rest easy as we keep an eye out for you.”

“6, 12 or 24 hour service available. Your peace of mind is our priority.”

“Working with current and former law enforcement means a higher quality of protection. We also recruit some of the finest ex-military vets that have served this nation.”


“All agents have signed confidentiality agreements. BPG upholds your safety and personal peace of mind at all times.”

(Graphic Source: Martin Kirsten’s Company Battalion Protection Group, Inc.)

Failure to protect your client is a very serious charge that can end the careers of the best professional
bodyguard or gets them sued at the very least by the family of the dead loved one for hundreds of thousands… maybe even millions. When you are hired to make sure a world famous celebrity stays alive, that is literally the only thing you should be concerned about, right?

According to the public record, Kirsten’s company was incorporated in California three years ago.

Battalion Protection Group, Inc. filed as a Articles of Incorporation in the State of California on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 and is approximately four years old, as recorded in documents filed with California Secretary of State.

Known address: 2461 Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90404

This address is known to be associated with Battalion Protection Group, Inc. however they may be inactive or mailing addresses only. Please verify address for mailing or other purposes.

Why did Martin Kirsten give Chris Cornell, a former drug addict, who is clearly struggling on the stage at Fox Theatre on the evening of May 17th, while fronting grunge rock act SOUNDGARDEN, any Ativan, when by mixing there would be a chance of enhancing the other dangerous drugs he had in his system, namely the sedative Butalbital?

Thousands of fans have pointed out that Chris was ‘wobbly’ and did not seem himself during the gig, even SOUNDGARDEN’s tour manager pointed that out, who stated for the record that Chris was having obvious troubles and seemed ‘high’ from the get go.

So when the bodyguard visits Chris in his room the last time before he finds him dead after midnight, he would have noticed him slurring his words, right? For Vicky Cornell next claims in the phone call she had with her husband that concerned her so much she felt no choice but to ultimately summon the bodyguard. She is now “Distraught”, establishes that Chris is definitely “slurring his words”. Vicky is worried sick something is happening to Chris, an overdose or maybe he is going to hurt himself, again, she was really “distraught” according to Detroit Free Press.

Wait a minute. So the bodyguard goes back to his own hotel room two doors down the hallway from room #1136? What happened to PROTECT AT ALL TIMES?

As the story goes, Vicky Cornell next attempts to call the front desk of the MGM Grand hotel but says she is hung up on. So we’re just supposed to accept the fact that it takes roughly 40 minutes for the bodyguard to walk back down to check on his boss that is in “trouble” according to his wife?

Think about it. If Chris was just interacting with the bodyguard after the concert in his room, getting helping set-up his Apple TV or whatnot, wouldn’t the bodyguard report back to Vicky that he was just with Chris and he’s fine?

After all, he just gave him two Ativan pills, right? He controlled the rock star’s drug supply. He is a responsible bodyguard, is what his company wants us all to believe, right?

Again, the role of a BPG is to protect your client’s well being AT ALL TIMES!!

How hard was it for Martin Kirsten, the bodyguard, to just remain with Chris from that moment on until help arrived to room #1136.

Why leave the man he is supposed to be protecting? Are you starting to catch on with the huge problem in the narrative that has been sold to police and the news media?

Martin Kirsten not only failed miserably at doing his job protecting international rock superstar, Chris Cornell, but it’s obvious he not telling the truth about kicking in a latched from the inside front door, because according to an expert in door latch damage, the doorway, the physical door itself, and the swing latch mechanism would have been totally demolished.

The photos recently released by The Detroit News to the contrary show a door that is hardly damaged, and a latch that looks to be broken off after the door was closed shut on the inside and no longer engaged.

If Chris was in such bad shape, the bodyguard would have noticed that and simply stayed at Chris Cornell’s side, right? PROTECT AT ALL TIMES. Vicky Cornell, now denies the last words Chris spoke is “I am tired” over and over (just wanting to go to sleep after a long day). So based off all of that, it’s safe to assume that if Chris was really in jeopardy after the concert, the bodyguard would be forced to contact the front desk person to tell them to call 911. The hotel by law MUST fulfill that request, especially coming from the man who is paid to protect a famous rocker’s life.

I spoke directly on the phone today with a representative for the manufacturer of the Lock Jockey, which is the only tool of its kind out on the market. The product is patented.

The anonymous company spokesperson (who himself has 20+ years of law enforcement experiene) stated for the record:

“I’ve talked to season cops who said they used a police breaching ram on the ‘latched from inside’ door 8 times to get it open finally and they did extensive damage to the door jamb/frame and the door itself.”

(Pictured: Police Door Ram In Action)

And why would a bodyguard who totally failed at his job, later on once Chris’ dead body is found in room #1136, allegedly feed the line to an EMS worker making remarks to 911 dispatch, “History of Depression…”?

Detroit Police had not yet ruled out the possibility of Chris Cornell being a victim of murder, right? They claim to have taken DNA swabs of Kirsten’s hands even at the scene, plus questioned him extensively. So why would he feel so compelled at the moment he is alone with the medics trying to save his boss to offer that personal medical history of his client when nobody yet knows what truly happened to him?

If Martin Kirsten would have done his job properly, he never would have let Chris Cornell leave his site after the concert until he has confirmation that help was on the way. For him to leave a man that his
supposedly having some kind of ‘drug reaction’ shows the world he did not live up to his obligations
or the standards his own company claims to adhere to so strictly.


Lock Jockey saves hotels and homeowners the hassle of spending hundreds of dollars replacing door jambs that have been broken apart when the door was kicked from outside while the swing latch was engaged on the inside.

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