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Cleveland MÖTLEY CRÜE Concert Review: “Vince Neil can’t really sing… “

Unlike anything ever witnessed before in the history of rock n roll music, The Stadium Tour, meant to be the glorious comeback of glam metal bad boys MÖTLEY CRÜE has nosedived into one of the greatest disasters in entertainment history.

After suffering the worst concert review of their career published by the Chicago Tribune, the Crue limped out of Wrigley Field into the next string of shit shows that culminated with a new concert review that is even more damning and critical, believe it or not. Troy L. Smith of simply unloads on Vince Neil and the Crue, while taking swipes at Bret Michaels too.

“It wasn’t exactly the World Series of Rock (nothing is these days). It wasn’t even a show you’d someday tell your kids about.” 

Def Leppard, Motley Crue deliver one sloppy, awesome mess of a stadium show

“Def Leppard and Motley Crue have been taking turns closing out shows on tour. It was the Crue’s turn Thursday. Were they as good as Def Leppard? Not even close. But Motley Crue’s barrage of special effects, including laser lights and tons of smoke, felt like the right way to go once the sun went down. There is one truth about Motley Crue fans have to be willing to accept these days. Vince Neil can’t really sing anymore. His voice has been reduced to a high-pitched squeal. Nothing more, nothing less.”

The reviewer next turns his scorn on Michaels and does not hold back:

“Frontman Bret Michaels doesn’t so much sing as he shouts words these days. His voice didn’t project all that well inside FirstEnergy Stadium.”

According to Mr. Smith, Michaels’ crowning achievement Thursday was coming up with the most appropriate catchphrase of the evening. “This is one big, backyard karaoke!”

The Biggest Trainwreck In The History of Rock N Roll: Blankets Cleveland Crowd With Smoke To Cover Up The Disaster On Stage!

But let’s get back to Vince Neil, the King of Shit Shows. Tommy Lee did everyone a favor by covering up his horrible singing voice by any means necessary. Sure, he might have taken an ass whooping from Vince for calling him “Vince Meal” during rehearsals, but Mr. Lee ultimately knows what is best for everyone.

The reviewer goes for the kill and sticks the knife deeper into Neil’s overblown gut.

“Lee’s pulsating drums and every other sound from the stage drowned out Neil’s voice, possibly for the better.”

MÖTLEY CRÜE Concert Review Reduces Band To Nothing More Than “Opportunists” Held Together By Mick Mars! (Chicago Tribune)…/

The most exciting part of the show is when Tommy gets chicks in the crowd to flash their tits. I mean, this is as desperate and outright pathetic as it gets. What’s next? Is Vince going to do asshole shots off Mick?