July 13, 2024

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TMD Rocks!

France’s KRONOS have produced one of the best death metal albums in 2015. Entitled “Arisen New Era”, the collection of nine, technically brutal cuts will please even the most jaded listener. Though it has been eight years since they released their last studio effort called “The Hellenic Terror”, I’ll be the first to confirm it doesn’t sound like they have mellowed one bit. Recorded, mixed and mastered by David Potvin at Dome Studios in Angers, France, the production is undoubtedly top notch. Triv on vocals sounds absolutely demonic on the first track. The psycho blastbeat from drummer Anthony Reyboz is nothing to laugh at either. Kicking off with the full throttled “Infernal Abyss Sovereignty”, they next launch into the brilliant “Zeus Dethroned”, which is my favorite off the album by far. The riff-monster guitar duo that is Ricardo Chuat AKA “Richard” and Jérôme Grammaire is off the charts good. Followed by the next head pummelers “Soul-Voracious Vultures”, “Rapture In Misery”, and “Klymenos Underwrath”, I am proud to say the crushing assault on your ears does not loosen up for one moment.

Perhaps the most evil sounding song I have heard all year comes next in the form of track five’s “Klymenos Underwrath”, a totally grooving maniac that will go down as a classic headbanger sure. The crazier thing is that shit gets even more hectic on the next tune, “Aeons Titan Crown”, which is hands down the most technical song I have heard in a very long time. This band is on the level of DECAPITATED, circa “Organic Hallucinosis” era, maybe even better. The epic mayhem concludes with “Brotherlords”, “Purity Slaughtered”, and “Hellysium”. None of which will disappoint. To be point blank, “Arisen New Era” is so damn killer that I can assure you it will be a contender for best record of the year at The Metal Den.


KRONOS – “Arisen New Era” (CD)

(Unique Leader Records/2015)

1. Infernal Abyss Sovereignty
2. Zeus Dethroned
3. Soul-Voracious Vultures
4. Rapture In Misery
5. Klymenos Underwrath
6. Aeons Titan Crown
7. Brotherlords
8. Purity Slaughtered
9. Hellysium