July 25, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: TRIGUNA – “Embryonic Forms” (CD)

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Algonquin, Illinois metal act TRIGUNA has unleashed a DIY full length studio effort entitled “Embryonic Forms” in 2015. The chaos kicks off with the opening track “Destitute”, which finds vocalist Claude Bird employing a passionate death metal growl. Jeremy York on lead guitar and Matt Schneider on rhythm hold down the vicious, punch-you-in-the-face riffs, while Micheal Blanding handles the brutal drumming. The production itself leaves more to be desired, but what I love about discovering a young band like this one is that you get to hear raw talent in its infancy. They undoubtedly still have a lot of areas to grow in as a band that is emerging in a very crowded underground scene today, and next time would be better off putting together a bit more of a budget first; maybe securing a big name producer (trust me, in this shitty economy there are plenty that will work with new bands for a reasonable fee). Either way, I can guarantee this will be a band you will hear about in the future if they stick with it and grow in the right direction.

The savagery continues with the next cuts “Our Final Conflict”, “The Crusades”, and “False Faith”, all of which are totally gritty sounding. I need to mention that the low end is held down skillfully by Justin Herr on bass. The listener will even more impressed by the following face smashers “A Call For Blood”, “The Shroud”, and “Abandonment”. The furious pace picks up with the next tune “Digital Magic”, which carves its anguish straight into your head – and leaves you wanting more of its sweet pain. This one is my favorite out of them all. Yes, there is piano played. Which I think is totally brilliant. The guitar solo rocked out by Jeremy York is nothing to joke around about either. The psycho sonic onslaught comes to an end with the final crushers “Trench Warfare”, “Suicide King”, and “Shattered”. Any fan of true underground metal music will want to add this album to your collection.

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TRIGUNA – “Embryonic Forms” (CD)

(Self Released/2015)

1. Destitute
2. Rage
3. Our Final Conflict
4. The Crusades
5. False Faith
6. A Call For Blood
7. The Shroud
8. Abandonment
9. Digital Magic


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