July 13, 2024

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Australian thrash grinders KING PARROT unleash their pummeling new “Dead Set” full length in 2015, and the listener will be treated to ten brutally dark and rampaging cuts produced by legendary PANTERA/DOWN vocalist Philip H. Anselmo. The album kicks off with the head-slamming songs “Anthem Of The Advance Sinner”, “Need No Saviour”, and my personal favorite “Hell Comes Your Way”. Hardcore fans of extreme metal will totally get into the stellar production, which was overseen by Anselmo with Michael Thompson and Steve Berrigan at Nodferatu’s Lair located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Andrew Livingstone-Squire and Ari White on guitars unapologeticly jam out totally high-speed-punk riffs while vocalist Matthew Young screams away like a drunk maniac on the next rockers “Like A Rat”, “Tomorrow Turns To Blood”, and “Home Is Where The Gutter Is.”

The rhythm on every tune is solid as a rock thanks to Wayne Slattery on bass and Todd Hansen on drums. What I love is that the full fuckin’ throttle momentum does not slow down one bit whatsoever and the last batch of tracks “Sick In The Head, “Punisher”, and “Reject” will have you straight up cheering for these dudes. The album concludes with the final ball crusher, the title track “Dead Set”. Any fan of punk and metal music will definitely want to add this one to your collection, because this group is fuckin bad ass.

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KING PARROT – “Dead Set” (CD)

(Housecore Records/2015)

1. Anthem Of The Advance Sinner
2. Need No Saviour
3. Hell Comes Your Way
4. Like A Rat
5. Tomorrow Turns To Blood
6. Home Is Where The Gutter Is
7. Sick In The Head
8. Punisher
9. Reject
10. Dead Set