July 21, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: DAWN OF AZAZEL – “The Tides Of Damocles” (CD)

TMD Rocks!

New Zealand’s DAWN OF AZAZEL has unleashed “The Tides Of Damocles”, an impressive new full-length from the punishing progressive death metal band that is undoubtedly one of the more brutally costructed collection of ‘kick-you-in-the-head’ tunes you will hear in 2015. It is their first output in six years following 2009’s critically-respected “Relentless” record. The vocals by Rigel Walshe are a raging fury, while Joe Bonnett & Nik Davies on guitars unleash mean sounding riffs as the album kicks off with the rocking as hell cuts “Strike First, Strike Hard, Strike Often”, “Irresistible Foe”, and “Vassalplasty”.

The production is better than most coming out of the underground, having been recorded, mixed and mastered by way of Mana Recording Studios (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal, Goatwhore) in Tampa, Florida.
The blast beats are delivered by drummer Jeremy Suckling and seem to get more hectic on the next face-crushers “The Odious Tides”, “Forever Enduring, Always Ready”, and “Controlled Burn”. The album does not lose its grip on the listener near the album either as it keeps up the pummeling pace with “Progeny of Pain”, “The Eagles Grasp”, and “Damocles”, all concluding with the dark as shit “Tarnished Gold”.


DAWN OF AZAZEL – “The Tides Of Damocles” (CD)

(Self Released/2015)

1. Strike First, Strike Hard, Strike Often
2. Irresistible Foe
3. Vassalplasty
4. The Odious Tides
5. Forever Enduring, Always Ready
6. Controlled Burn
7. Progeny of Pain
8. The Eagles Grasp
9. Damocles
10. Tarnished Gold