July 19, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: BYZANTINE – “To Release Is To Resolve” (CD)

TMD Rocks!

American groove metal band BYZANTINE are back for more action in 2015 with a new full length studio album entitled “To Release Is To Resolve”. Frontman and band co-founder Chris “OJ” Ojeda remains one of the most underrated performers in heavy metal music today. This dude is an ace at handling technical guitar playing and soulful lead vocals. The unbridled sonic crushing kicks off with the first cut called “Scold’s Bridle”, that is followed by the more thrashy “Justinian Code”, which will undoubtedly knock you back with its greatness. The guitar solo on this song is short but sweet. I wish more guitar players in modern rock could actually play their instrument at this high of a level.

Up next is the absolutely jamming “A Curious Lot”, a well written rocker that is my personal favorite. The momentum only picks up with the next cuts: “The Agonies”, “God Forsaken”, “You Sleep, We Wake”. Brilliant, totally unique songwriting and shredding as all fuck guitar soloing is really what separates a top notch metal act from an ordinary one. Ojeda simply has loads of talent coming out his ears and its evident from the intensity of the production that he is truly having the time of his life. The drums sound killer as all hell throughout the effort from start to finish. It comes to an end, unfortunately, with the last two well crafted tunes, “To Release” and “To Resolve”. Any fan of hard hitting metal music will want to add this bad boy to their collection.

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BYZANTINE – “To Release Is To Resolve” (CD)

(Self Released/2015)

1. Scold’s Bridle
2. Justinian Code
3. A Curious Lot
4. The Agonies
5. God Forsaken
6. You Sleep, We Wake
7. To Release
8. To Resolve