July 25, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: ‘Super Duper ALICE COOPER’ (Documentary)

TMD Rocks!

Legendary American shock rocker ALICE COOPER has released ‘Super Duper Alice Cooper’ in 2014 and the viewer is treated to one of the finest rock documentaries you will ever see. It all begins during the 1960’s when young Vincent Furnier – son of a pastor in Detroit – relocates to Phoenix, Arizona due to his problems with asthma and puts together a band in high school called The Spiders (influenced by The Beatles) with bassist Dennis Dunaway, lead guitarist Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce on rhythm guitar and Neal Smith on drums. The group ultimatley makes a trek out to Los Angeles to become the biggest nightmare to hit the stage in music history, changing their name to ALICE COOPER band – derived from a ouija board session. This is where they land Frank Zappa as a producer for the debut album of what would be one of the greatest rock acts of all time and help influence the creation of heavy metal music.

Things change for the worse when Alice strikes out on his own solo career in the mid 70’s into the 80’s, leaving behind his mates. Alice drowns himself in alcohol heavily throughout the years and then one day finds himself committed to a hospital for the insane. When he was released from the sanitarium he befriends Elton John musical partner, Bernie Taupin, and they collaborate both musically and with cocaine, which is what helps take Alice into a true downward spiral that he is lucky to have survived.

Now having been clean of drink and drugs for over thirty years, the documentary serves as an inspiration to others who have trouble getting off the floor. He is one man who has battled his demons in public for most of his adult life and has somehow come out the other end… sane and in one piece. It’s amazing to see that he is a family man, who turned to God to save his life and yet today, after all these years, the Hall of Fame rock icon is still performing live shows and creating new music that is relevant.

Rocket loves Alice Cooper to death!

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‘Super Duper Alice Cooper’ (Documentary)
(Eagle Rock Entertainment/2014)